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During our free time… The Food

Posted by auntiem10 on April 15, 2010

After the One Day Work-Up ended last week, we were starving. All we had eaten that day were a few nervous nibbles of a muffin at the airport and two bags of airline peanuts.

** CCRM apparently has a cart on the premises where someone sells snack-type foods and we would have taken advantage of that, but we never had that much free time between appointments!

We left CCRM, intending to go straight to a restaurant and satisfy our angry bellies, but cuss words ensued when we realized our rental car’s battery was inexplicably dead. We had to call Budget, and they sent a repairman to the CCRM parking lot to jumpstart the rental Cobalt. The repairman was nowhere near Lone Tree, so we sat for 30 minutes and attempted to ignore our growling bellies until he arrived. He recharged the battery pretty quickly, and we were out of there!

Recommended Food

We enjoyed a few great restaurants while in the Denver area, and I wanted to recommend them.

Maggiano’s Little Italy (Englewood)This restaurant was recommended by our nurse, Dawn, and one location is 10 minutes from CCRM. This was our first post-CCRM stop. Lucky for us, it was happy hour, so we sat in the bar and enjoyed a few adult beverages and talked about our day.
Highlights: The complimentary bread (served with a plate of olive oil), the stuffed mushrooms, and the chicken-and-spinach manicotti with to-die-for cream sauce (which we shared because the portions are huge!)

Taste of Thailand (Englewood)–We love Thai food (our Boston terrier Lulu is named after our favorite local Thai restaurant), so we decided to search online for a recommended Thai restaurant in the area. By searching Google, we settled on Taste of Thailand. On the outside, it looks like kind of a dive. However, the food was absolutely delicious!
Highlights: I had Kow Pad Kra Prow, which was an awesome fried rice. K ordered Pad Kee Mao, and he loved it. I ordered mine medium, and the spice made my eyes water! We loved it and will definitely return during our cycle!

Josh and John’s (Manitou Springs)–We decided to just have a free-for-all with junk food during our quick visit to the Denver area, so we sought out great ice cream. While roaming around downtown historic Manitou Springs, we noticed a store that proclaimed to have the best ice cream in the area (as voted by residents).
Highlights: K ordered the flavor “Rocky Mountain Road,” and I ordered the flavor “Chocolate Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip.” You can sample a flavor on a small spoon before making your big decision, which is nice. When I tasted mine, I felt like I had died and gone to Heaven. : ) Yum! K’s was also very good.

Not Recommended Food

Patsy’s Candies (Manitou Springs)–I can’t speak for this store’s candy since we didn’t buy any, but I can say that the food we ordered for lunch was not worth the price.
Lowlights: We each ordered a cheeseburger, and we decided to share an order of fries. The fries were decent-tasting, but the cheeseburgers tasted like they had been cooked at some earlier point in time, and then reheated in a microwave. There was no seasoning, and the cheese was just a slice of American slapped on and not melted. When we asked for condiments, the woman behind the counter would only give us 1 packet of ketchup and 1 packet of mayo.


In my next post, I will talk about our lodging! Stay tuned…


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