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The Sites

Posted by auntiem10 on April 19, 2010

Upon flying into Denver International Airport, fog/snow rendered the Rocky Mountains completely invisible. Lucky for us, Mother Nature decided to cooperate and make our first trip to Denver a beautiful one. The temperature skyrocketed, the sun warmed the ground, and it felt like spring even before we left CCRM. Dr. Surrey joked that we brought spring weather with us!

Our stay in Denver was very short, so we had only one full day to enjoy some sightseeing. We hadn’t made many plans and decided to just fly by the seats of our pants. : ) Since the weather was so gorgeous, we really wanted to be outside, so we hopped into our rental Cobalt and headed toward the mountains.

About the mountains… they are BREATHTAKING. I was blown away by their beauty and by the natural wonders on this earth. I live in arguably one of the flattest areas in the country and was in Denver for the first time in my life, so I thought the mountains were absolutely incredible! I think the beauty of nature is what left the biggest impression on me when thinking back on our time in Denver. It seems like a magical place (hopefully with magical doctors!). : )

Garden of the Gods

Our first sightseeing stop was at the Garden of the Gods. In my head, I was picturing flowerbeds and carefully manicured grass. Wow, was I wrong! The Garden of the Gods is a grouping of 300′ tall sandstone towers and formations, near the gorgeous snow-capped Pike’s Peak. This place is totally au naturale, with not a single greenhouse in sight. We parked near a 1-mile walking trail (which is shaped in a circle so you can’t get lost) and found ourselves oohing and aahing over the wonder of nature. The scenery was almost too beautiful for words, and I’m sure my clumsy paragraph isn’t gonna cut it. I will post photos in my next blog entry!

Additional notes about the Garden of the Gods: entry is free (always good for any couple preparing to shell out $20K!); there are restrooms at the base of the 1-mile trail; its location is 51 miles south of CCRM; the official website is

Historic Manitou Springs

Next we moved on to historic Manitou Springs, Colorado. This cute little community is only about 10 minutes from the Garden of the Gods, and it features a great downtown area. We parked for free on the street and spent a few hours walking around. There is a glassblowing shop in which you can watch from behind a window as glass figurines are made, which we really liked. We found a huge penny arcade and spent a lot of time in there. We played Skee-ball and played all sorts of antique games. We are kind of juveniles, but it was really fun! : ) We ate an overpriced lunch at Patsy’s and then enjoyed some awesome ice cream at Josh & John’s.

Royal Gorge

It was only midafternoon when we finished amusing ourselves with the penny arcade, so we decided to drive to the Royal Gorge. Our GPS device indicated that it was less than an hour away from Manitou Springs, so we thought it would be a perfect destination. However, for some reason our drive took about 90 minutes! It was very scenic, don’t get me wrong, but by the time we arrived at the Gorge, it was 3:00.

We approached the admissions gate and were surprised to see that the admission fee is $24/person! To make matters worse, a sign clearly stated that most of the attractions ended at 4:30. For anyone who may not already know (like us), the Royal Gorge is actually a park. It is huge and probably takes an entire day to navigate through. There is a petting zoo, horseback/burro/mule rides, a wildlife park, etc. Given the fact that we would have had only 90 minutes to explore before the attractions closed, we opted not to pay the $24/person entry fee; instead, we took a few pictures of the Gorge from the parking lot, and then headed back to Englewood. Oh well, it was still a beautiful, scenic drive around the mountains!

Additional notes about the Royal Gorge: Parking is free; admission is 1/2 off with one paid admission; official website is

Stay tuned for photos from our short trip, to be posted this evening!


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