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Taking Care of Business

Posted by auntiem10 on April 27, 2010

How many men can say that they flew to and from Denver, all in one day, to “do their business” in a cup?

That’s what my hubby K will be able to say at the end of May. He just booked a flight to provide his back-up sample for our IVF cycle.

CCRM requires a back-up sperm sample when going through an IVF cycle. The sample can be provided anywhere from a few days after the ODWU to a few days before the egg retrieval. K’s work/vacation schedule made it necessary for him to fly out on a Friday, and we just decided the sooner, the better.

So at the end of May, he’ll board a flight to provide the back-up swimmers that CCRM requires. : )

FYI… CCRM includes this fee in their IVF package, so no money is required up-front. There is no fee to store the back-up sample if the male travels to Denver several months ahead of time. If for some reason the couple does not go through with the cycle, the fee for the back-up sample appointment is $90.


3 Responses to “Taking Care of Business”

  1. R said

    If you hubby K will be with you for your cycle, he can provide the sample then and not have to travel an extra time to Denver. Just a thought. Good luck with your cycle!

    • auntiem10 said

      Thank you for commenting! K will be there for the egg retrieval, but he accrues vacation time slowly. Ideally, we want him to travel to Denver just a day or so before the egg retrieval (although this plan may or may not work out), so that his vacation time will cover his time away from work. Since our plan may result in him not making it to Denver 48 hours before the retrieval, he needs to travel beforehand and do his manly duty. : )

  2. […] my sixth night of stimming. He’ll provide his back-up sample (instead of traveling this week as originally planned), be with me during the egg retrieval, and then drive us home. Obviously, we really won’t […]

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