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Altering the Plan

Posted by auntiem10 on May 4, 2010

After Dr. Surrey agreed to allow me to do the Depot Lupron treatment yesterday, K and I put on our thinking caps and really talked about our upcoming cycle. I was feeling pulled in every which way, and I needed a sensible person to help me sort out my feelings.

I just have a bad feeling about doing the Depot Lupron treatment before a fresh cycle. It seems that many of you out there are doing the treatment while your embryos are being CCS tested. In our case, chromosome screening testing was not recommended, so Dr. Surrey’s plan for us was to do the Depot Lupron treatment, take 28 days’ worth of BCPs, and then immediately start stimulating my ovaries. I was not comfortable with the idea of shutting down my ovaries so completely, and then expecting them to be rock stars and churn out a decent number of eggs. At our ODWU, Dr. Surrey told us that he didn’t see a difference between those who do the DL treatment and then go into a fresh cycle, and those who do not. Still, I could not get comfortable with this plan. My worries were driven home by a comment on my blog entry yesterday (thank you so much to this person; it really helped to solidify what I was already thinking).

We made a decision to alter our timeline (again, ha). I know it seems as though we can’t make up our minds, but any IVFers out there likely know how easily things can change based on test results or recommended treatments.

Our ultimate motto going into this cycle is “No Regrets.” We want to be able to reflect on the cycle and know that we gave our bodies every opportunity to succeed. And even though Dr. Surrey was not concerned about me going straight from Depot Lupron treatment to a fresh cycle, I feel as though I may later regret this decision if I just decided to go with the flow. Our intuition is telling us both that “Plan B” is the right one for us.

I already called the Business Office and learned about the added expenses involved in our new plan. I just sent an e-mail detailing our new timeline to my CCRM nurse and asked for approval. This new plan is going to add a couple of months to our original plan, but as my blog friend Mo recently wrote, 30 days of waiting is a drop in the bucket at this point. We’ve already waited about a year to cycle at CCRM; what is 45 more days?

Here is our plan:

May 11–See endocrinologist, hopefully start Synthroid
May, June, July, August–Send CD3 bloodwork, regulate my thyroid levels, live life!
September–Start BCPs for IVF
October–Travel to Denver, Egg Retrieval
November, December–Depot Lupron treatment
January–Start medications for FET

No, it doesn’t thrill me to endure more waiting … to go through another holiday season with a hole in our hearts … to incur extra expenses with medications, travel costs, repeating communicable testing, and the cost of the FET itself. Every adorable child I see dressed up for Halloween and every baby picture we receive in a Christmas card will hurt. I won’t lie about that.

But honestly, for the first time since we started planning our second cycle, we have etched out a plan that doesn’t make my pulse race. With this plan, I know that the Depot Lupron won’t be affecting my egg quality, and I know that the lapse will allow the stimming meds to leave my system. I think that peace of mind can only help me when it comes to stimming.

For the first time, I feel 100% comfortable with our plan. Now I only hope Dr. Surrey and the nurse agree!


6 Responses to “Altering the Plan”

  1. Pie said

    This makes total sense to me. And I think FET is a good thing, regardless of the DL – it is good to get all those hormones out of your system before transferring. I’m sure CCRM will be on board with this.

  2. That does sound like a good plan. Well said abt the “30-45 days of waiting being a drop in the ocean”. But yes… I wish you all the very best during the wait! I also believe that FETs are a good thing. (I should note that I am biased here — got PG on a FET, and my next one is also going to be a FET). Hope CCRM is fine with the plan.

  3. LC1 said

    I can definitely relate to the’s hard. But, like you, I want no regrets with this cycle. I think you have a very good plan and agree that FET’s may be better for your immune system.

  4. […] He did tell me that he would like us to wait until at least the end of the summer to start our IVF cycle, since Synthroid is a slow-releasing medication, and it will likely take a couple of blood draws to regulate my thyroid appropriately while my body builds a continuous flow of medication. This really doesn’t impact our plans, since we are waiting until October anyway (or September, depending on AF’s arrivals for the next few months). The hubby will be able to build up vacation time while my thyroid is adjusting to the medication, and we can stick with our latest timeline. […]

  5. Ria said

    Do u think DL helped u get success.
    How many months on DL u were on?

    • auntiem10 said

      I was on two months of Depot Lupron. So many variables changed between my failed IVF cycle and my successful IVF cycle, so I can’t say for sure whether it was the Depot Lupron that helped us to find success. However, you can have an endometrial biopsy to determine if you have the beta-3 integrins. If you don’t, then Depot Lupron can help you to generate these beta-3 integrins to help with implantation. Good luck!

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