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On Board

Posted by auntiem10 on May 6, 2010

Yesterday evening, I received this e-mail from my CCRM primary nurse:

Hi “Auntie Em,”

I will run this by Dr Surrey, but I am sure that he would be fine with this plan.  We often have women go through a cycle and the do the depo-lupron for the transfer afterwards. 

So, it looks like CCRM is willing to go with our new timeline–Yay! The hubby and I both feel really great about our change of plans. In so many ways, this is the best timeline for us. And even though we’ll have to wait longer for the transfer, we will be giving my body the best opportunity to produce some good-quality eggs and then prepare my lining for some implantation action!


2 Responses to “On Board”

  1. R said

    So glad it worked out!

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