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FET $$$ Matters

Posted by auntiem10 on May 7, 2010

At the end of my post detailing our CCRM One-Day Work-Up, I listed out many of the fees charged by CCRM during an IVF cycle (non-FET, non-CCS). The breakdown is as follows:

Package fees (starting with Lupron consult and ending after first pregnancy test): $12,340 (of which $7480 is paid directly to CCRM and $4860 is paid to FLC)
Anesthesia: $430
Medications (paid to pharmacy of your choice): $3500-$6500 (approximately)
Total: $16,270 to $19,270

Not included:
* The ODWU itself, which can cost upwards of $4K without any insurance coverage
* ICSI $2600
* ICSI w/IMSI: $3100
* Embryo freezing (paid only if you have embies to freeze): $975
* PGS, MESA or Testes Biopsy, Pregnancy Tests: Varies

I scoured blogs for these details when budgeting for our upcoming cycle, so I wanted to add additional information regarding FET costs when the patient is not doing chromosomal testing on embryos.

The 2010 cost of a routine FET: $4470
Medication estimates: $800-2000

The business office confirmed that before starting stimulating medications in October, we will be expected to pay the full package fees, including the portion that pays for an embryo transfer during a fresh cycle. A credit will be applied to our account at that time, to be used for our future FET cycle. After applying the credit, we will be expected to pay a little less than $3000 before the FET (not including the medications). We can wait until early 2011 to pay the FET-related charges.

I asked about whether the costs will increase in 2011. The costs increased in 2010, so I was worried that 2011 might follow suit. The contact in the business office told me that since we’re completing the bulk of our cycle in 2010, she could likely get Dr. Surrey to honor the 2010 prices regardless of any possible increase.

It’s expensive, yes, but I guess it’s to be expected when you’re paying for top-of-the-line care!


One Response to “FET $$$ Matters”

  1. Jen said

    I try not to add up how much we’ve spent at CCRM and then the lab who did our OI testing. I instead try to look at it as I was either going to pay for it now or pay later with all the trips to the ER/doctor’s office/surgeons/etc. for OI-related issues. Either way, we were going to spend the money. And when I see him smile or hear him laugh, in the end, he’s priceless and I’d do it all over again. Wishing you all the best going forward!

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