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Cycle Day 3 Bloodwork

Posted by auntiem10 on May 13, 2010

This week I shipped my Cycle Day 3 bloodwork to CCRM, and I wanted to detail the process here for future CCRMers. Hopefully it will help others who find this blog!

(I intended to post pictures along with this post, but somehow our camera ate the photos I took!)

The Cycle Day 3 bloodwork tests four of the female patient’s hormone levels: Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), Luteinizing Hormone (LH), Estradiol, and Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH). CCRM requires these tests to be run inside of their lab, so you must ship the serum to CCRM if you cannot travel there.

Obtaining the Kit

During the nurse consultation portion of the One-Day Work-Up (ODWU), our nurse gave us an order form to present to a local lab on Cycle Day 2 or 3. Our nurse specifically wrote on the order, “DO NOT RUN.” If the local lab would have run the tests, we would have paid for the tests twice! You may want to emphasize to your local lab that the tests are not to be run in-house, but will instead be run by CCRM’s lab.

A few weeks before I expected AF, I e-mailed my nurse and asked for her assistance in ordering a kit from CCRM’s lab. The lab e-mailed me a form requesting my address and credit card number (the current cost of the kit is $110, FYI). I was able to complete the form, save it, and then e-mail it back to them.

Note: You can make your own kit, if you want to avoid paying this fee! We’re not skillful DIY-ers, so we decided to just pay for the kit.

Kit Materials

About a week later, a cardboard box arrived via Fed Ex. Inside this box was a big styrofoam container. The container was packed with the following materials:

  • A specially designed container in which to ship the tube(s) of serum (Sarstedt container)
  • A small styrofoam container that perfectly held the Sardstedt container
  • Four tubes with red tops, two plastic tubes with labels, and two pipettes
  • An ice pack
  • Two biohazard plastic bags
  • A manila envelope containing instructions, a Fed Ex return label, and two HIV consent forms

I placed the ice pack and the Sarstedt container in the freezer, as instructed. I set aside the small styrofoam container, red topped tubes, plastic tubes, biohazard plastic bags, and manila envelope.

Drawing Blood

On Cycle Day 3, I drove to my local lab and had my blood drawn. It is important to find a lab with the ability to spin your blood in a machine that separates the serum. My phlebotomist drew my blood into the red-topped tubes. She spun the blood in the machine and drew out the serum using the pipettes. (The serum is a yellow color.) She disposed of the blood and handed me two tubes full of the serum.

Note: If you didn’t do HIV testing at your ODWU, you must send two tubes of serum. Otherwise, only one tube of serum is required to be shipped.

I drove home, placed the tubes of serum inside the Sarstedt container in the freezer lying flat, and allowed the serum to freeze completely.

Note: Double-check that you labeled the tubes of serum. A lab employee at CCRM told me this is the #1 mistake made by patients, and the lab is unable to run unlabeled serum.

Shipping Blood

The next day, I double-checked that the serum was frozen solid in the Sarstedt container. I placed this container into the smaller Styrofoam container, and I placed this in the biohazard bag. I placed the ice pack in the biohazard bag as well. I placed the smaller styrofoam container into the large styrofoam container that came in the shipping box, and placed the lid on top.

Note: If you are shipping a second serum tube for HIV testing, you must sign the HIV consent forms and include them in the large styrofoam container.

I added our return address information to the Fed Ex shipping label and slipped it in the plastic sleeve on the front of the shipping box. On the shipping label, I wrote FROZEN CONTENTS. Then I drove the shipment to my local Fed Ex and sent it out overnight delivery. (This is pre-paid.)

The next day, I called the lab to verify that they had received my shipment. And now I’m just waiting for the results!


7 Responses to “Cycle Day 3 Bloodwork”

  1. sue said

    woo hoo! great job! also, during my odwu, i requested my day 3 box and (cost 70$) and put it in my checked in luggage. that is also an option…luckily my lab took care of processing/shipping etc but i had to be extra mindful that my local lab didn’t charge me shiping since i had already paid the $ for it (70$ fee). can’t wait to hear how your hourney goes.

    • auntiem10 said

      What a great idea! I wish I would have known that we could have picked up the kit during our ODWU. I wonder how long it will be until I hear the results? Thanks for following along with me… it’s gonna be a long journey until transfer day!

  2. Lc1 said

    Thanks for this post! It will be very helpful for me in about a month!!! Good to know to get the kit at the work up….. So glad we can all help each other out!
    I will definitely keep in mind some of the tips and things to watch out for… I don’t want this getting messed up!!!

    • auntiem10 said

      I agree–Sue’s suggestion to obtain the kit at the ODWU will save you $40! I wish I had thought of that before we traveled to Denver! : ) I was worried about messing it up too (and even called the lab on my way to Fed Ex to make sure I had done everything properly), so hopefully this post will help out others!

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