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Hubby’s Decision

Posted by auntiem10 on May 14, 2010

My hubby K made a big decision this week: he has decided to attend graduate school! A large university located about 30 minutes from our house offers a Master’s degree that interests him greatly, and his employer offers a great reimbursement program. The degree is broad enough to apply to different technological industries, so he wouldn’t be “locked in” to one field (although he loves his job).

This additional education could greatly benefit the company for which he works. On Wednesday morning, he presented his ideas to management, the results of which could cut printing costs and improve the customer’s experience with the product. His manager was very excited about his ideas and said this could eventually lead to an entirely new department being developed at his company! She encouraged him to “think big.” He works for a large, very well-known company, so the opportunities are endless.

His manager then asked him to write a proposal (to be given to upper management) describing his ideas for helping the company save money and create a more interactive user experience. He also started filling out his application to grad school! The summer application deadline passed on April 1st, but he may be able to enroll as early as the fall semester. He would begin by taking six hours and work his way up to 15-18 hours per year, with a goal of finishing within the next three years.

Of course, we have been discussing the ways in which this will impact our family. He may have to miss a class or two while we’re in Denver this fall. He’ll need to juggle working full-time, having a newborn (hopefully!), and attending classes/completing homework. And obviously, school comes with financial obligation. We will just have to sacrifice to make it work for us, because it is a fantastic opportunity.

I am extremely proud of him. He is so selfless and has given up so much in the name of our infertility. He has actually wanted to attend grad school for the past few years but has always put it on the back burner so that we could save money for IUIs and IVFs. The time has come to make a financial investment for once that will benefit him, and I can’t wait to cheer him on as he graduates in a couple of years!


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