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Regroup with Dr. Surrey

Posted by auntiem10 on May 20, 2010

I just hung up the phone after my regroup with Dr. Surrey. He thanked me for traveling to Denver to meet with him and asked about our trip. He is very personable!

The first order of business during our conversation was my thyroid. My local endocrinologist has not yet sent a report to CCRM detailing my appointment last week, so Dr. Surrey wanted to know how it went. I told him that I have begun taking Synthroid to regulate my hormone levels, and he was happy to hear that.

Next he reviewed all of my test results. We look basically perfect on paper, so he was very encouraged by that. Communicables, hysteroscopy, blood flow to uterus, and CD 3 bloodwork were all normal. No problems there.

Dr. Surrey wants me to have an ultrasound locally next cycle to measure the three endometriomas that were seen hanging out by my ovaries. He wants to avoid surgical intervention unless they grow significantly. That will be my next order of business.

The next topic was my hubby’s semen analysis. All of his numbers were good, but the motility of his swimmers was just a little bit low. He gave us three options:

A) Perform ICSI on the embryos for a better fertilization rate, due to the fact that our local lab performed ICSI last year with a 93% fert rate.
B) Allow the lab to analyze the back-up sample and day-of sample, and allow natural fertilization to take place if the motility has improved.
C) Split the eggs into two groups, half of which would be ICSI’d and half which would naturally fertilize.

I think Plan A makes us the most comfortable, but we have a few months to mull it over. We are of the mindset that because almost all of our 13 embryos arrested on Day 4 during IVF #1, we should do whatever we can to improve fertilization rates. Plan B makes me nervous because we’ve never done an IVF cycle without ICSI. What if that results in a terrible fertilization rate? I feel the same way about the embryos that would be left to naturally fertilize if we choose Plan C.

Dr. Surrey then said that he would recommend a “Standard Lupron” protocol. I will take birth control pills for a short period of time, and then inject Lupron for one week. Afterwards, I would stimulate the eggs with Menopur + Follistim until they are big enough for retrieval. Sounds a little simpler than the MDL protocol I was on last year!

The last part of our conversation centered around our timeline. Dr. Surrey is fine with our plan to wait until October to cycle. He suggested that we have our first follicle scan and bloodwork done locally to reduce the number of days of our stay. However, he mentioned that there is a conference in the Denver area from October 23-27 that some CCRM REs and embryologists will be attending. During that time, they’ll be reducing the number of patients cycling so that employees will have time to attend the conference. It shouldn’t really affect the hubby or me, but I wanted to include this info for CCRMers who find this blog and are looking to cycle at the end of October.

My nurse Dawn is going to follow up with me and provide more information about the medications that we will need to buy and how the timeline will work. And as always, I will add that info to this blog! : )

Talking to Dr. Surrey got me excited about seeing those gorgeous Rocky Mountains again! : )


9 Responses to “Regroup with Dr. Surrey”

  1. LC1 said

    Sounds like a great consult!! I would definitely do ICSI on all of the eggs if I were you. Is there any advantage to not doing it? Besides cost? I just wouldn’t risk it. Good to know about the conference in October…we may have our transfer around then.

    • auntiem10 said

      I think the only advantage would be gaining knowledge of how many eggs would naturally fertilize. However, I’m not really comfortable with leaving that up to chance! Sure, it would be nice to save $2600 (the cost of ICSI), but what if we had a bad fert rate? I would regret it forever!

  2. R said

    So glad that the consult was a success.

  3. Cassie said

    I definitely would agree that you should do ICSI on all of them. I don’t really know of any reason not to, and why would you want to risk it? Our first local IVF they did half and half, and the half without ICSI did absolutely nothing. That was a waste of 6 good eggs!

    • auntiem10 said

      My guess was that his suggestion stemmed from a possible desire to see how many eggs would fertilize naturally, since we’ve never done an IVF cycle without ICSI. However, like you said–I don’t want to waste eggs!

  4. Rambler said

    Just wanted to throw in my agreement with everyone else. ICSI all the way! Plus, I don’t really think you pay any less if you do half-half or anything.

    Glad to know the regroup went well and nothing alarming or concerning popped up.

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