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Plunked Down $1K

Posted by auntiem10 on May 25, 2010

This morning I called CCRM’s business office and plunked down the $1,000 deposit that CCRM requires before they will put you on their schedule. Since we aren’t cycling until October, I really didn’t need to pay up for another month or two, but what can I say–I like crossing tasks off my list. : )

My primary nurse called yesterday to follow up with me after last week’s regroup with Dr. Surrey. She’s planning to fax an order to my local RE’s office for an ultrasound next cycle to measure the endometriomas that were visualized at my ODWU. Dr. Surrey recommends that the ultrasound be performed on Cycle Day 4 or 5, and then hopefully my local RE will agree to save the images on a CD and ship it to CCRM. Hopefully the endometriomas have not grown significantly, because that could mean surgery before starting the IVF process.

We talked about my timeline and Dr. Surrey’s recommended treatment protocol. I estimate that AF will arrive sometime around September 16th. On Cycle Day 21 (October 6), my progesterone will be tested locally. If the test result is >5, I’ll start Lupron for five days (I think? Nurse was talking really fast!). Once AF shows up, I’ll head into my local RE office for the suppression check. Assuming all goes well, I’ll start stims (150iu Follistim + Menopur). I’ll have the first ultrasound performed locally after three days of stims, and then travel to Denver on the fourth day.

This schedule will likely result in my husband and I celebrating our second wedding anniversary (10/18) one state apart, which is kinda sad. We talked about this last night on our dog walk and just decided that even though we would rather be together that day, we’ll have plenty of future anniversaries to celebrate!


8 Responses to “Plunked Down $1K”

  1. LC1 said

    Yay for making your deposit 🙂 I sent my deposit last week! Curious about your protocol…will you be on birth control pills? At my ODWU the nurse mentioned that I may not be put on BCP due to clotting issues and described a protocol like yours. I think? I wish I would hear back regarding my ODWU blood and DH’s results. How soon did you hear back? Did they call you or did you call them?
    I hope your endometriomas haven’t grown so you can continue on without surgery.

    • auntiem10 said

      After the ODWU, I heard back from my nurse the next week. The CD 3 b/w took a little longer though, and I ended up sending an e-mail asking someone to let me know the results. I’m surprised you haven’t heard anything yet! One of the nurses told me to never hesitate to call or e-mail because you never know, there is a small chance that your results could have slipped through the cracks!

      I have the option to either take BCPs or not, and I am opting not to b/c birth control pills make me a little crazy. : ) Not taking birth control pills is called “down regulation.” I’ll basically just wait until Cycle Day 21 instead of starting BCPS on CD 3 like I did last year. As long as I have ovulated, then I can start Lupron and go from there. I am happy that I can skip BCPs!

  2. Hooray for getting started–even if it’s with the unfun money part. Of course, what part of IVF is ever fun? Oh wait–the hope part! 🙂

    • auntiem10 said

      You’re exactly right–hope is about the only thing keeping me afloat these days, with this long wait until October! : )

  3. Flygirl555 said

    How exciting! Congrats! It must feel good to know you are now “officially” on the waiting list! October is a beautiful time to be in Colorado. We’ll just have to help you celebrate here! :o)

  4. Rambler said

    I hope it was on a credit card that gives you some precentage back. 🙂 Even 10 bucks is something!! Congrats on the big move and getting on the list.

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