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Doggie Logistics

Posted by auntiem10 on May 27, 2010

Warning: This post may seem dumb to those readers who don’t think of their pets as their babies. : )

Logistically, I’m trying to decide whether to bring our dogs with me to Denver. There are just so many variables involved, it’s not an easy decision for me.

Reasons I want to bring them with me:

  1. I am making the 10-hour drive to Denver to avoid rental car fees, so they could just ride in the backseat (I would never bring them on a plane).
  2. Our pet-sitting company is pricey, and we could potentially end up spending a fortune on pet-sitting fees (boarding is not an option for us and we don’t have friends/family who can watch them).
  3. The pet-sitting company might not want to cooperate with our up-in-the-air travel dates.
  4. They could help me to feel less lonely while I’m in Denver alone.
  5. I wouldn’t be worrying about them receiving proper care by a pet-sitter, since they would be with me.

Reasons why I don’t want to bring them with me:

  1. They’ve never been on that long of a car ride and could possibly get carsick.
  2. We would have to book a specific hotel with an affordable pet policy instead of booking a cheaper hotel using Priceline’s “Name Your Own Price” feature.
  3. They might stress out from being in an unfamiliar place and bark, annoying other hotel guests.
  4. I may not feel well enough while stimming to briskly walk them like I normally would (they are high-energy terriers).
  5. I would feel guilty about leaving them alone in the room and would feel confined to the hotel, except for doctor visits.
  6. Others would have access to my room, which means there is a slight risk of them somehow getting loose.

The hubby is planning to fly one-way to Denver on approximately my sixth night of stimming. He’ll provide his back-up sample (instead of traveling this week as originally planned), be with me during the egg retrieval, and then drive us home. Obviously, we really won’t know how many days we’ll be in Denver until we’re instructed to trigger.

If you were me, would you bring the terriers or not???


4 Responses to “Doggie Logistics”

  1. We never considered bringing our doggie babies with us because we were flying each way. However, we adore our pet sitter and she knew how anxious we were to be away for two weeks (we did a fresh cycle with transfer the first time at CCRM). She emailed us pictures of our dogs every day, sometimes multiple times a day. She even dressed them up in Halloween costumes and sent us pictures since we were there over Halloween. She was great and we never doubted their care…
    All that being said, it would have been nice to have them there, but we did a lot of sightseeing and I don’t think we would have enjoyed ourselves nearly as much without having the freedom to just go anywhere, anytime.
    Good luck!

  2. Cassie said

    I would be tempted to bring them. Can you plan some outdoor activities that you can bring the dogs on? Do they tend to get nervous in strange places? In terms of the hotel, would the price you would have to pay for a specific hotel outweigh the cost of the pet sitters? Would you be too stressed out by leaving them behind? Or would you be more stressed about leaving them in the hotel room? Ultimately you’ll have to make the call, and I think you make some good points on each side of the argument. Good luck with your decision!

  3. Flygirl555 said

    I vote you bring them. Denver is a very dog friendly town with lots of dog parks, trails and restaurants with patios where you can eat and keep them on the patio with you.

    Not sure how they do in doggie day care, but there are many good ones in the area if you needed to take them someplace while you are on bedrest.

    If you don’t mind driving 45 minutes and they like to swim, there’s a “secret” 1/4 mile water ditch in my neighborhood where people bring their dogs because it’s safe (fenced on both sides) and clean.

    Will they stay in a crate if you do want to go out for awhile?

  4. Mo said

    bring the terriers. you can take them hiking and if you’re feeling cruddy they can cuddle with you in bed. bring a crate so you can go out if you decide to…

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