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Nose to the Grindstone

Posted by auntiem10 on June 2, 2010

So far, I am still employed this week. Yay! Perhaps my paranoia regarding layoffs was all for nothing. This will be one of the few times in my life in which I’ll be GLAD to be wrong! : )

Today is Cycle Day 27, and we are kind of at a standstill with our treatment plan. This cycle I attempted to detect my LH surge on the OPKs I purchased in April, but I couldn’t get a definitive second line. I think the absorption left something to be desired, because as far as I know, I ovulate monthly. Once AF starts, I’ll wait until at least Cycle Day 5, and then I’ll head into my local RE office for an ultrasound. They’ll measure the three endometriomas that were visualized during our ODWU, and Dr. Surrey will use that info to decide whether medical intervention is needed.

Also, when my next cycle starts, I’m supposed to contact my primary nurse, Dawn. She and I are going to try to estimate when to add me to CCRM’s official calendar for October. So far in 2010, my cycles have been wacky in length–42 days, 33 days, 39 days, and 33 days. I’ll be happy when we are finally on the calendar, even though the dates may change by a week or so.

Since we are in limbo once again, the hubby and I are focusing on healthy habits. We’re increasing veggies, eliminating booze and coffee, decreasing caffeine. We’re tracking our caloric intake online, too. I know that my ovaries probably don’t care if I skip out on that McDonald’s extra value meal, but our focus on healthy eating has been a long time coming. If nothing else, it’s a good distraction while we count down the days until October! : )


4 Responses to “Nose to the Grindstone”

  1. It definitely helps getting a calendar. Its almost like getting that makes it that much real. I hope you get yours soon.
    Good going on the eating healthy. DH and I are vegetarians. So a couple of months before this last IVF, we went completely organic. And given that I am a cheap ass and cant get myself to pay 2x the price for the organic-ness, we ended up signing up for a organic CSA home delivery. So we end up getting a huge box of veggies delivered every two weeks.. that we are forced to get through. And you know what… the veggies actually tasted better too. All the best.

    • auntiem10 said

      Thanks for your comment! I would love to try a vegetarian diet, but there is no way in a million years that I would be able to get my meat-loving DH to agree. For now, we are trying to stick to lean meats–pork, fish/shellfish, chicken, lean red meat, and supplement with large portions of veggies. I’ve been looking into CSAs and am happy to hear that you’ve had a good experience with the produce! Great news about your embies, BTW! : )

  2. LC1 said

    So good to hear you are still employed!! Hope AF comes soon for you so you can keep moving and no surgery is needed with the endometriomas!! That’s great that you’ll get a calendar soon… I can’t wait to get mine too! Happy healthy eating to you and DH!!

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