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An Ode to Triplets

Posted by auntiem10 on June 11, 2010

Happy Friday! Lately I feel like I’m just living for the weekends. To me, every Friday means I’m one week closer to October and the start of our IVF cycle! Time is flying for me (it’s already June 11th!), but as much as I adore summertime and its mindbending humidity, I’m still somewhat impatiently awaiting the fall.

This weekend will be especially fun, as we are going out for a fancy Italian dinner with the hubby’s parents, siblings, their spouses, and his grandma. Have I mentioned that my husband is a triplet? His mom had PCOS, and she was given a magical pill called Clomid. A few months of unmonitored TTC later, she got her BFP. Excited, she and DH’s dad went for their first ultrasound, at which there were unexpectedly three strong, flickering heartbeats on the monitor. His dad just barely managed not to faint and famously exclaimed, “You’ve got to be sh**ting me!” At 31 weeks, an emergency c-section performed on my amazing MIL led to the birth of Baby A (my BIL–3 lbs 0 oz), Baby B (my SIL–1 lb 12 oz), and Baby C (my darling husband–2 lbs 6 oz). All three babies were very premature and ill. My hubby’s lung collapsed and required surgical intervention, so his man.boob is a little disfigured. : ) Thankfully, within a few months, all three babies were home and thriving, and today they are very silly, very funny, and very close.

Another weird triplet fact: DH and his siblings each married a person whose birthday is either December 10 or December 11. My b-day is December 10. DH’s sister’s husband’s b-day is also December 10. DH’s brother’s wife’s b-day is December 11. Weird, right?! I guess they like Sagittarians! You should’ve seen the shock on their faces when I told them my birth date!

Anyway, the restaurant we’ll be visiting on Saturday is the same one where we got engaged. It’s also where DH’s grandma and grandpa met many moons ago. They have THEE most amazing chicken spedini and stuffed mushrooms. Afterwards, everyone is coming to our house nearby and will be excitedly greeted by our four-legged doggies. I’m looking forward to it!


11 Responses to “An Ode to Triplets”

  1. Pie said

    Wow, triplets way back when! That is pretty amazing!

    Have a great weekend!!

  2. LC1 said

    I know what you mean about living for the weekends… same here too. What a neat story about your hubby! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  3. R said

    Is your MIL very sensitive to your IF struggles since she has been there herself? Enjoy the weekend!

    • auntiem10 said

      She doesn’t really bring it up, although I’ve never given her the impression that I don’t want to talk about it. We never really get one-on-one time together b/c of DH’s other siblings, and I suspect that she just doesn’t want to ask me about it in front of others. She is a wonderful person though!

  4. JL said

    that is so neat!! have a great weekend!

  5. Suddenly I’m seeing triplets in your future 🙂
    OK, maybe not (still risky!) but that is a crazy story!

  6. LisainSK said

    The birthdays think…that’s spooky cool! “Spooky cool” things always seems to happen with triplets! Have a fantastic weekend!

  7. Flygirl555 said

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Hope you had fun!

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