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AF’s Ugly Appearance and Cycle-Analysis

Posted by auntiem10 on June 15, 2010

Today marks yet another month of unfruitful TTCing, since cruel, nasty, ugly AF arrived this morning. On the positive side, I’m one cycle closer to traveling to Denver. We have been saving our money for SO long, it seems a little surreal that our next (and hopefully last) IVF cycle is just a few months away!

This morning I called my local RE office to schedule an u/s for next Monday morning. Dr. Surrey wants an u/s tech to measure the three endometriomas that were found during our ODWU. If they have grown significantly, surgical intervention may be needed. Hopefully they are still the same size and can simply be monitored closely. My local RE’s office will upload the u/s images and e-mail them to CCRM, and Dr. Surrey will review them and decide how to proceed.

My next step is to e-mail my CCRM nurse and be added to their official calendar. I’ve been trying to guesstimate my next few cycles. All year, I have tracked the length of my cycles:

Cycle 1: December 10-January 21 (42 days)
Cycle 2: January 22-February 23 (33 days)         
Cycle 3: February 24-April 3 (39 days)
Cycle 4: April 4-May 6 (33 days)
Cycle 5: May 7-June 14 (39 days)
Cycle 6: June 15-?

As you can see, my cycles have alternated between 33 and 39 days for the past several months. I just had a 39-day cycle, so I’m guessing Cycle #6 will last 33 days, which puts AF’s next arrival date on July 18. If Cycle #7 lasts 39 days again, then AF will arrive on August 26. And if Cycle #8 lasts 33 days, then AF will rear her ugly head on September 28.

All year, I have been planning on traveling to Denver in mid-October, but today I realized that the length of my cycles is probably going to make that impossible. I really don’t want to wait until November because knowing my luck, there will be a freak cold spell that will make my 10-hour drive to Denver rather treacherous. Therefore, we’ll be moving our cycle up a month to September!

The way my nurse explained my cycle to me, I’ll wait until Cycle Day 21, and then have my progesterone tested locally. If all is well, I’ll start five days of Lupron, and then have a suppression check once AF shows a couple of days later. If I’m sufficiently suppressed, then I’ll start stims and travel to Denver on the fourth day of stims.

If everything goes according to schedule, this is how my cycle will look (approximately):

Cycle #8 starts: Thursday, August 26
Cycle Day 21 (Progesterone Check): Wednesday, September 15
Five Days o’Lupron: Thursday, September 16 – Monday, September 20
Suppression Check: approximately Wednesday, September 22
Start Stims: Thursday, September 23
Travel to Denver: Monday, September 27
Approximate ER Date: Saturday, October 2?

We’ll see if my nurse agrees with these dates. Today is her day off, but I may be added to the calendar as soon as tomorrow! I know it may not seem exciting to anyone else, but will just be another exciting step forward for us. We have waited so long for this, any progress at all is exciting! : )


2 Responses to “AF’s Ugly Appearance and Cycle-Analysis”

  1. Lc1 said

    Oooh! Yay! So exciting to have a calendar! I totally understand the excitement!

  2. Rambler said

    It’s exciting to start thinking about preparing and getting dates in your head. You’re pretty ahead in scheduling so they should have no issues in getting you in!

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