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Lulu Update

Posted by auntiem10 on June 18, 2010

Thanks for the good wishes directed toward Lulu the past few days! Her surgery was successful, and she is doing pretty well. The removal of her anal glands was smooth sailing apparently, which is great news. We had decided to have the vet clean her pearly whites while she was under anesthesia, and much to our surprise, she ended up needing to have SIX teeth pulled! They were so loose, they were floating in the root. She just has bad genes, I guess!

After work on Wednesday, my hubby and I headed to the vet clinic to visit our little pup post-surgery. Her vet thought that seeing us might bring her some comfort. She was having a reaction to anesthesia and was trembling and shivering, despite blankets and a heating pad. She was very out of it and couldn’t stand up on her own. We petted her and talked to her, and after about 30 minutes she seemed to calm down. Shortly before the clinic closed, she was able to stand (very wobbly) and pigged out on some canned food, so she got to come home with us.

She couldn’t control her bowels at all Wednesday night or even yesterday, but luckily all she has wanted to do was sleep, so it hasn’t been too yucky. I stayed home with her yesterday, and she really seemed to improve throughout the day. I took her back to the vet late in the day yesterday, and he was very happy with her incision sites. She is eating, drinking, and has control of her bowels again at this point, so she is definitely on the mend. She’s taking a narcotic that makes her very sleepy, so she’s doing plenty of resting.

I have loved doting on her while she recovers, and caring for her yesterday made my heart ache, thinking how much I long to be a mother!


3 Responses to “Lulu Update”

  1. Rebecca said

    Glad to hear the surgery went well and that Lulu is on the mend! I hope she continues to heal quickly.

  2. LC1 said

    Aww… that’s so sweet how you adore your dog so much! You will be a great mom and already are to your little Lulu. Hope she gets well soon!

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