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Testing Agenda

Posted by auntiem10 on June 20, 2010

This week I have some testing on my agenda!

Early tomorrow morning, I’ll be driving to my local RE’s office for yet another fateful date with the vagcam. The u/s tech will be measuring the three endometriomas that were found during our ODWU, and the info will be sent to Dr. Surrey electronically for review. Endometriomas, for anyone who may not know, are cysts that are filled with old blood. They are sometimes called “chocolate cysts” because of the color of the fluid contained within them, and they are common in patients with severe endometriosis. An endometrioma is also the only endo indicator that is easily visible on an u/s monitor. Numerous endometriomas were removed or drained during my laparotomy in 2007, and apparently three of them missed my ovaries so much, they decided to rejoin the party. I wonder if it’s possible that the endometriomas could have disappeared? Hopefully no other nefarious things are visualized, and with any luck, the endometriomas will not have grown substantially. Either Dr. Surrey will recommend continuing to monitor them, or he will recommend surgery to remove them. I’m hoping for Option A, clearly.

On Wednesday, I’m going to a draw station to have my thyroid levels rechecked. I’ve been taking 50mcg of Synthroid for six weeks, so it is time to see if my dosage needs to be adjusted. Hopefully my TSH, T3, and T4 will have stabilized. My endocrinologist will review my results and adjust my medication as needed. Then I’ll return six weeks later (around the beginning of August) for one last recheck. At that point, he will clear me for IVF if my levels are normal with medication!

I think many IVFers are happier when we are actually actively doing something instead of just waiting in limbo, and I am no exception!


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  1. I’m hoping for a disappearing act for the endometriomas!

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