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Break Out the Bubbly…

Posted by auntiem10 on June 25, 2010

… because my darling husband just received his acceptance letter to graduate school!!! He just called me, totally ecstatic. It’s sad to say, but in the 20 months we’ve been married, almost all of our financial investments have gone toward trying to conceive a baby. We bought a house last summer, but other than that, we’ve been in a constant state of saving money for IVF cycles. I am so thrilled that we are finally going to put money toward something for which my DH can benefit and be proud of himself. A Master’s degree will likely lead to some new awesome opportunities professionally!

We have a bottle of champagne chilling in the fridge, and we were waiting until he was accepted before popping the top. Tonight we will toast to new opportunities for our family!

It’s going to be one crazy fall! : )


6 Responses to “Break Out the Bubbly…”

  1. Kim said

    I’ve been in grad school the whole time we did treatments. Looking back, it seems crazy, but at the time, it was just carrying on with life in the midst of treatments.

    Enjoy the bubbly tonight!

    • auntiem10 said

      That’s good to know! It’ll be a little nuts for him at first because he’ll likely have to miss a class or two in his second week of the semester in order to be at CCRM. We’ll just work it out!

  2. Flygirl555 said

    Congratulations! Enjoy the ride!

    I did my MBA while working full time. The same semester I graduated my husband started his Masters in Mathematical Risk Management. We both wanted our degrees before starting a family (have no regrets that we waited).

    It will be a crazy time of you’re lives (lots of late nights and weekend sacrifices) but when it’s all over you’ll look back and both be so proud.

  3. Mo said

    congrats to your hubby!!!!

  4. R said

    So excited for your DH!

  5. LC1 said

    Congrats to your hubby!!!

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