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Heading into the Holiday Weekend

Posted by auntiem10 on July 2, 2010

Whew, it has been one busy week for my DH and me. He is busy trying to sort out all the logistics that accompany the start of grad school, and we are both very busy at work. Our Boston terrier had hives one day this week and caused us some concern, too. I feel like time is flying this summer!

The upcoming three-day weekend is a much-needed break for both of us. Tonight we’re planning to kick off our shoes and cook a nice dinner in honor of our 5-year dating anniversary (which was yesterday). Saturday we’ll be preparing food for a Sunday BBQ Sunday at my in-laws’ house. DH is going to fire up his smoker and prepare ribs and baked beans, and I’m going to stay in the house and whip up some guacamole, homemade ranch dip, zucchini bread, and a strawberry pie. In addition, my mama is coming to visit for a bit.

On Sunday, we’ll be heading over to my in-laws’ for their annual party. My pregnant SIL will be there, but I guess she won’t be arriving until dinner time. I’ve convinced myself that the best thing I can do regarding her pregnancy is to hide my emotions. I know it may not be right, but it’s what I feel have to do because my in-laws just don’t really “get it.” To bring attention to my own grief will either cause a rift in the family or turn me into an outcast, I think. I’ve already faked excitement to my SIL, MIL, and FIL so that I appear to be cool as a cucumber about it. Yes, I will have to give myself a pep talk before driving over there, and yes, I may cry on the way home if the convo revolves around pregnancy/baby talk. And we may have to abbreviate our visits in the coming months as her belly grows. I just don’t want anyone walking on eggshells for the next 7+ months on my account.

Monday I plan to do absolutely NOTHING. I plan to get all of my laundry, grocery shopping, gardening, errands, and house-cleaning done at some point during the weekend. We may have a movie marathon or spend some time lounging outside, but I do not plan to do a single productive thing. I need a day to just unplug and veg out. I can’t wait!

Happy July!


One Response to “Heading into the Holiday Weekend”

  1. LC1 said

    I know what you mean about not wanting others to be “walking on eggshells” around you, I hate that feeling too. You are doing a good job of making the best of it, I admire your attitude. Enjoy your weekend and day of NOTHING!!

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