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Another Day, Another Minus

Posted by auntiem10 on July 8, 2010

Tested on an OPK last night after work… negative. Tested this morning… negative. Test line is the same darkness as yesterday. It’s now Cycle Day 24. I’ve been lining up all used OPKs on my dresser for comparison’s sake, but I threw them all away this morning. I’m sure you are tired of me obsessing, and so am I. I have four left and am going to use them up, but I’m thinking that I missed the + at some point this cycle. My mood is currently feeling as negative as those tests, so I am done with it! (I’m secretly hoping that writing this out will cause the test to be + tomorrow morning!) : )

However, this weekend marks the “official start” of my IVF cycle… I think. I’m a little confused about the timing of the orders my CCRM nurse faxed to my local clinic, since neither appointment actually appears on my calendar. I’m kind of wondering if she is mistaken about dates, but maybe some of you experienced CCRMers will let me know your thoughts? Here is her e-mail detailing what I need to have done in the next week:

On 7/11 you will need to have a U/S to look for cysts and check progesterone and estradiol; on 7/16 you will need to have a U/S to check follicles and progesterone, estradiol and LH.  Let me know if you need anything.”

I guess I understand the timing of the 7/11 appointment, since I had estimated that AF would arrive on 7/18, and this appointment will take place one week before. I assume they want to make sure my progesterone level is <5, indicating that I ovulated?

I definitely don’t understand the timing of the 7/16 appointment. Why would they want to check my follicles, estradiol, LH, etc just a few days before AF is supposed to show? Plus, if AF is going to delay her appearance, then should I have this testing done later in this cycle?

I sent an e-mail this morning to my nurse, telling her that my LH surge is MIA and that I’m not sure what the length of this cycle will be, and asked her to clarify when I need to go in for testing. I also wonder when they will have me go in for yet another ultrasound after AF shows to measure the endometrioma hanging out by my ovaries. The vagcam and I may be getting VERY friendly in the near future! I hope to get some official answers soon, but in the meantime, please let me know your thoughts. Thank you!


2 Responses to “Another Day, Another Minus”

  1. Pie said

    Honestly, I’m not sure about those testing dates, definitely clarify with the nurse. It seems very fast to have 2 u/s within a week before you stim. Their protocols can be so confusing!

  2. Lc1 said

    My LH surge has been MIA too. I think maybe we both missed it!!? One thing you could do is induce your period to stay on schedule. Ask the nurses about this… My calendar doesn’t have me doing anything until my next cycle starts. I am expecting AF around 7/18 too and will be on a similar protocol but w/o BCP. I think the nurse has mixed up your dates??!! This doesn’t match your calendar… I would email or call to clarify.
    You’re getting close!!!!

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