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Waiting Waiting Waiting…

Posted by auntiem10 on July 19, 2010

If my experiences with infertility are a story, then one of the themes of that story is definitely waiting. Today is Cycle Day 35. AF was supposed to be here yesterday, but I’m still waiting on her arrival today. In a way this is a good thing–this delay may enable my husband to attend his first week of grad school, but I am frustrated. Seems like this cycle will never start! We’ve been waiting since May 2009 to do this, and I’m ready to get the ER portion of our cycle over with!

We had such a busy week last week and a very busy weekend, so I’m trying to get caught up today. I will be back again once AF rears her ugly head!


3 Responses to “Waiting Waiting Waiting…”

  1. LC1 said

    Hope AF comes ASAP for you!!! You must have ovulated late! Read my recent blog post about why I think my cycle was so messed up this month!!

  2. LisainSK said

    SOOO frustrating when AF is not cooperating! Really hoping she gets here soon to get your cycle started for you.

  3. R said

    I hear ya on the waiting, it SUCKS. Hope it comes soon.

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