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Auntie Em, Meet Auntie Flow

Posted by auntiem10 on July 22, 2010

Yes, that’s right–AF showed up last night around 8pm, and today is Cycle Day 1. Finally! I dropped off my BCP prescription at CVS on my way to work (Ortho Novum), and I’ll be all set to start taking them on Saturday. I’m finally getting this party started–yay! Hopefully my little eggies are up to the challenge! : )

Last night I had major insomnia and tossed and turned half the night, stressing about everything. This week, we have kind of felt like the world has been pooping on us. We are both slammed at work, and I’m trying to complete projects that will be due around the time of our Denver trip, along with projects that are due at work sooner.

Last Saturday, we noticed a leak in the ceiling in our guest bathroom, and a roofing expert informed us that we have hail damage and need a new roof ($6,000). An insurance adjuster is coming to our house tomorrow, and our fingers are crossed that our insurance company will cover the cost, leaving us with only the deductible.

Then on Tuesday night, I arrived home from work after a bad storm to find that the Bradford Pear tree in our front yard had been split in half, and 1/2 of the tree had fallen on my DH’s best friend’s truck! (I’ll post a pic or two tonight!) We spent the entire evening and on into the night (in the rain) sawing the fallen tree into small pieces to unearth the truck and pile the brush by the curb. Fun times.

In addition, our 6-month car insurance premium, home warranty, and car registrations are all due imminently. Then we have the matter of the small fortune we owe to CCRM. We’ve had this nice growing cash pile in our savings account for the past year, and it’s going to be painful to spend most of it! So instead of counting sheep last night, all I was seeing were dollar signs. I know what’s best for me right now is to let go, and reassure myself that we’ll still have money leftover in savings even after paying for everything. I need to take things one at a time. Everything will be A-Okay!


5 Responses to “Auntie Em, Meet Auntie Flow”

  1. LisainSK said

    Whoo hoo on AF!! But no doubt you’ve got alot going on. Hoping the insurance issues will work itself out. Thankfully you’ve got some savings for your rainy day…appears it is downpouring right now!! Why does life always have to be that way?!

  2. Wow, you sure have a lot going on! I live in Colo, too, and it’s wacky weather we’ve had lately.

    Here’s to the end of the poopfest. May good times come to you on all fronts.

  3. Pie said

    Yay for AF!!

    And there MUST be something in the air, because we are having the same bad-luck-cost-lots-of-money stuff going on too. Grrr…I don’t like spending $5000 on a new furnace/ac unit. But I do like cool air when it is 90* outside….Sigh.

  4. LC1 said

    So glad AF finally showed for you!! You’re finally on your way!!!! Sorry to hear about the roof, etc. When it rains it pours!! But you’ll be ok!!! Hang in there and don’t over stress!!!!

  5. Flygirl555 said

    Gotta love those Bradford pears! The builders love ’em cause they grow so fast, but at our previous house, we had two of ours split on us too. Glad AF arrived. Looks like I’ll be just a few weeks behind you – should be starting BCPs next week!

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