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A New New Calendar

Posted by auntiem10 on July 24, 2010

Last week I had to be a pain in the rear and ask our nurse if she would be willing to move up the dates on our calendar by a couple of days. My DH starts grad school on 8/25, and my tentative ER date was 8/24. Dr. Surrey agreed to move up our tentative ER date to 8/22, and I received my new calendar yesterday afternoon (click to enlarge).

There’s obviously still a chance that I’ll stim longer than expected and he’ll miss his first week of class, but that’s a risk we’re going to have to take. I can’t travel to Denver any earlier because DH’s entire family will be attending his best friend’s wedding on 8/14, and I would be missed (DH is the best man). We’re not telling any friends/family about this IVF, so I don’t want to raise suspicions.

So now I’ll be:

  • starting BCP today
  • starting Lupron a week from tomorrow!
  • starting stims around 8/11
  • traveling to Denver on 8/15

Time is flying now!


2 Responses to “A New New Calendar”

  1. LC1 said

    Yay!! Glad you got your calendar changed! Hoping your DH doesn’t have to miss first week of school 🙂

  2. […] pregnancy as they see the heartbeat, started BCPs for IVF cycle that was later canceled, received third calendar, became obsessed with the AMC series “Mad Men,” decided to incorporate CCS […]

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