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Posted by auntiem10 on July 26, 2010

It’s Monday and I’m back at work after a wonderful weekend. The hubby and I had a “Mad Men” marathon (we just recently started watching this show and are currently devouring season one), and we relaxed a lot. The next month or so is going to be pretty hectic for both of us, so this weekend we wanted to lock ourselves in and be alone. It was heavenly. I am lucky to have such a fabulous husband!

I’ve taken three BCPs and have 11 to go. I’ll start Lupron on Sunday–only six days away! On Wednesday, I’m going back to my local RE for yet another visit with the vagcam to measure the endometrioma that is partying in my pelvis. Hopefully it will not have grown substantially since I had it checked last cycle. I assume maybe Dr. Surrey is worried that it may impede the ability of an RE to retrieve my eggs. My fingers are crossed that it won’t pose an issue!


5 Responses to “Up Next…”

  1. Rambler said

    Wow, already only 11 BCPs to go! Yay! I like how the pills are at least on a little leaflet so you can see them counted off. I drew a thick line with a marker on mine at the day I was supposed to finish. 2 weeks is alot easier to swallow (literally and figuratively) then a full 3 weeks.

    Good luck with the RE visit. I know you’re worried but hang in there!

  2. LisainSK said

    I LOVE Mad Men…so does DH. We watched the entire 3 seasons and JUST watched the premiere of Season 4 tonight as we missed it last night. So excited!!

    And good luck on your ultrasound…

  3. LC1 said

    Fingers crossed for your u/s on Wed!! Yay for lupron in less than a week!!!

  4. R said

    Ditto on Mad Men, what an awesome show. Good luck at the ultrasound.

  5. Flygirl555 said

    Sending positive vibes your way for a fab cycle!

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