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Mission: Evaluate Endo

Posted by auntiem10 on July 28, 2010

This morning I felt deja vu as I drove back to my RE’s office for another ultrasound to evaluate my endometriosis. Another sunny morning, another trip south to the hospital. Rinse and repeat.

The RE himself performed the u/s in order to bypass the confusion that ensued last time because of my scrambled anatomy. Nothing like having an experienced u/s tech scratch her head in confusion last cycle to confirm that my reproductive organs are a freak show! That, my friends, is why we are paying the big bucks for the help of the nation’s best clinic. : )

Good News: The endometrioma, while still present, has only increased in size by a few millimeters. Potentially Bad News: A cyst decided to take up residence near my left ovary. It’s likely that this cyst is leftover from my last cycle. My local RE told me that some clinics would allow me to proceed, knowing that the follicles will grow on stims regardless of the cyst. Other programs would postpone in an effort to get optimal conditions around the ovaries. More Good News: Plenty of follicles were seen.

Hopefully the cyst will disappear by approximately August 10th, when I’m scheduled for the suppression check. The order for August 10th says “Rule Out Cysts,” and I’m not sure if one little cyst would be cause for cancelation. We would obviously very much prefer not to wait another month, but I know that Dr. Surrey will make the best decision for us. Stupid cyst!


2 Responses to “Mission: Evaluate Endo”

  1. LisainSK said

    I really hope that cyst stays away…

  2. R said

    I don’t know how cysts play in, but I hope you are able to cycle with your current calendar.

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