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I’d Like a Side of CCS with That, Please!

Posted by auntiem10 on July 29, 2010

The hubby and I experienced a mutual realization last night: we aren’t cut out for cycling at CCRM more than once. We have come to peace with the fact that this is our one and only shot. Based on this decision, we e-mailed our nurse last night and asked for approval to add Comprehensive Chromosome Screening (CCS) testing to our protocol.

Edited to add: This will be our last IVF cycle. But if we are lucky enough to have several normals, we will still cycle at CCRM in the future for an FET or two. Just wanted to clarify!

Sure, this will leave our savings account a little threadbare, but we want no regrets. When this cycle is over, we want to move on with our lives, one way or the other. We don’t feel like we can continue doing this to ourselves. I greatly admire you couples out there who have gone through numerous cycles, putting your lives on hold to try to achieve your goal. We feel spent already, and we haven’t even actually cycled yet! We simply feel that it’s unfair to continue pausing our lives, living on the bare minimum in order to save another $20K+ for a third cycle, and putting this kind of strain on ourselves. It’s not for us.

Therefore, we’re throwing everything we can at this cycle. Go big or go home. We were planning to do a freeze-all and do two months of Depot Lupron anyway, so the addition of CCS doesn’t impact our timeline. We’ll likely wait until early 2011 to transfer in order to rebound a little bit financially, but despite that delay, we feel that we’re making the best decision. Hopefully we’ll have some normals at the end of the day, but if not, we’ll save a lot of heartache + cash that would have come from transferring abnormals.

So that is our plan. I should hear from our nurse today about whether Dr. Surrey’s on board. He didn’t recommend CCS for us because we’re young and have normal test results, but we know that youth + normal test results doesn’t always equal good eggs. We did attend the initial genetic counseling appointment at our ODWU in April, so I can’t imagine he would be opposed.

We (Hubby + Me + our Bank Account) feel a lot lighter today! : )


8 Responses to “I’d Like a Side of CCS with That, Please!”

  1. R said

    I think its a great decision, this way you can’t have any regrets.

  2. LC1 said

    You have the best chance with CCS!! I think it has soo many benefits! And yes, it’s true cycling from out of state to CCRM is ALOT of effort. I’ve done multiple cycles locally and it isn’t nearly as stressful or as expensive. The results are now coming in quicker too! A girl on another CCRM thread got her results in less than 2 weeks! I think it’s because they are now doing the testing in house!

  3. Pie said

    I think that is a really smart decision. Especially if this is an all-or-nothing cycle, you are so smart to get all the info you can on your embies, and transfer the best one(s). Yeah, it is expensive, but peace of mind is priceless!

  4. LisainSK said

    We’ve got the exact same plan and same mindset as well. This will be our first and last IVF attempt at a baby until all the blasts are gone. Even though we are doing Donor Egg, Dr. Sch was on board. The total price tag in case you haven’t read my blog posts last week for CCS (CGH) was $6,850 US. We too want our lives back – especially me – it’s been over 3.5 years at this crap so we’re going all in too. Looking forward to following your journey…

  5. Maggie said

    Yay for making a decision and believing in it! This was just what I needed today – been having a melt down about all the money. We too are electing CGH…..all or noting. And I don’t ever want to wonder.

  6. Cassie said

    Great decision! And while the price of the testing has gone up, keep in mind that it includes all the FET costs, so it really isn’t that much more, especially if you were planning to freeze and do the Depot Lupron. If you had just elected to do a freeze-all without doing the testing, you would have had to pay for the FET on top of everything else. And yes, this should help you feel that you have really pulled out the big guns – good for you!

  7. Sounds like a solid plan to me.
    Having been one of those ladies who did IVF multiples times, I will say it does a number of you. At this moment in time I have never felt lighter–even though we didn’t succeed–just getting out from under that blanket of treatment and chronic stress of cycling. Of course, we also said we would absolutely in no circumstances NEVER go back to CCRM after our disastrous first cycle there and we did…
    At any rate, hopefully this will be all you need!

  8. […] third calendar, became obsessed with the AMC series “Mad Men,” decided to incorporate CCS testing into our IVF […]

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