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Posted by auntiem10 on July 31, 2010

This morning I woke up and immediately felt cramping in my reproductive area. When I went to the bathroom, I discovered that I’m bleeding lightly. It’s light but enough that I need a liner. Has anyone else out there experienced something similar while on BCPs, leading up to IVF? This didn’t happen to me during IVF #1 last year, but I am taking a different brand of BCP this time around.

I’m guessing it’s just breakthrough bleeding. BCPs and I do not get along for some reason–when I take them, I become either a raving lunatic, a weepy mess, or a bleeding machine. (Sorry to anyone with a weak stomach who stumbles across this blog!) I have six BCPs left to take and hope this bleeding doesn’t continue for the duration! If you had a similar experience, did this affect the AF that is supposed to arrive prior to the suppression check? I just e-mailed my nurse but am not sure if she is even in today. I would appreciate your input!


6 Responses to “Breakthrough?”

  1. LC1 said

    I had bleeding with BCP. It was almost like a period (more than spotting) and the clinic wasn’t concerned… I’m sure a nurse will answer you even if your nurse is out today.

  2. LisainSK said

    I’ve never bleeded or spotted while on BCPs before but I have heard of it happening and I think it’s even listed on the side affects paper thats included with the meds…maybe check it out. But I’ve heard of it before…

  3. Patience said

    I had breakthough bleeding while on BCPs too. Hope that helps!

  4. Rambler said

    I didn’t experience it myself until I stopped the BCP, but I’ve definitiely read of others that had simliar bleeding. I think CCRM even notes on the schedule or somewhere in the notes that you don’t have to call them if you have bleeding.

    Hope it stays light!!

  5. […] Breakthrough bleeding stopped all day yesterday and then picked up again in the evening. I thought it had stopped completely and stupidly went to my in-laws’ house without an emergency liner. I went into the bathroom to inject the Lupron and realized that I had bled through my khaki shorts. Ugh. I made an excuse and had DH take me to the store, where I bought liners. The stain wasn’t visible to anyone else, thankfully. Crisis avoided–but lesson learned! So far today there has been zero spotting. Hopefully it’s gone for the rest of this week! […]

  6. […] Only 24 hours since my last BCP, so I’m thinking this is not my actual AF yet. Plus, I have a history of spotting/bleeding on BCPs. But usually, that spotting happens just after the first few days of […]

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