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T-Minus 13

Posted by auntiem10 on August 2, 2010

It was a crazy weekend, but all of our plans kept me from obsessing too much about our upcoming IVF cycle. Some of my family was in town, and the minute they left, we headed over to my in-laws’ to celebrate DH’s grandma’s 73rd birthday.

My pregnant SIL was at my in-laws’, of course. She has a very thin frame, and I’m pretty sure her belly was looking a bit rounder already. It may have just been her shirt, though. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel devastated about being around her this time. I winced a bit when they referred to my MIL as “Grandma” once or twice, and when they happily discussed who will change diapers, but for the most part, I was okay. I guess the fact that I plunged the Lupron needle in my belly in their bathroom helped me get through it–I know that we’re moving forward, making progress, in our own quest to have a baby. We’re doing everything we can, and that has to be good enough right now.

Regarding my last post, I found out this morning that ICSI is NOT included in the costs of CCS testing. Thanks to everyone who provided feedback. The business office only told me our remaining balance today. I should have asked for the breakdown, but I was in a hurry to get to my next meeting. However, the letter we were originally sent (for a freeze-all cycle) included all of the costs related to the retrieval process–monitoring, bloodwork, nurses’ coordination time, ER costs, ICSI, etc. We just had to add $6850 onto that amount to figure out our final total. My panicked post yesterday was the result of thinking ICSI was not included in the letter we originally received from CCRM. We are definitely near the very tail-end of our budget, so I was glad that I was wrong!

Breakthrough bleeding stopped all day yesterday and then picked up again in the evening. I thought it had stopped completely and stupidly went to my in-laws’ house without an emergency liner. I went into the bathroom to inject the Lupron and realized that I had bled through my khaki shorts. Ugh. I made an excuse and had DH take me to the store, where I bought liners. The stain wasn’t visible to anyone else, thankfully. Crisis avoided–but lesson learned! So far today there has been zero spotting. Hopefully it’s gone for the rest of this week!

The Lupron injection went off without a hitch last night. I nonchalantly walked over to my purse and stuck the syringe (which I had pre-filled right before we left) in my pocket along with an alcohol pad, and then went into the bathroom. I’m not squeamish about sticking my belly, so I was in and out of there in under a minute. I’m due for the next one in 50 minutes!

 This morning I made all of our appointments at CCRM while we’re in Denver, assuming the dates on my calendar stick:

Monday: IVF physical, u/s + b/w, cycle review
Tuesday: u/s + b/w
Wednesday: u/s + b/w
Thursday: u/s + b/w, DH’s back-up freeze
Friday: u/s + b/w, genetic counseling
Saturday: u/s + b/w

Time is moving right along!


4 Responses to “T-Minus 13”

  1. Lc1 said

    Yay! Moving right along!

  2. Susie said

    Oh I’m excited for you and hope that everything goes amazingly well in Denver. I admire your ability to keep it all under control around your SIL. You are a strong woman. My fingers are crossed for you!!

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