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Bye Bye, BC!

Posted by auntiem10 on August 6, 2010

So, it’s Friday, and I broke up with my little pack of BC today. I told the pack, “It’s not you–it’s me.” I guess we’ll get back together after the egg retrieval and before my first Depot Lupron shot. Now I get to wait for another round of AF, predicted to arrive on Sunday. Isn’t it kind of counterproductive to have so many visits from AF during the time I’m trying to get pregnant?!

Once AF starts, I’ll wait until Cycle Day 1 or 2 to drive to my local RE office for the suppression check (scheduled for Tuesday but AF must arrive first). The objective of this appointment? An u/s tech will perform an ultrasound to rule out cysts, draw my blood to check my estradiol and progesterone levels (stat), and make sure my ovaries are being quiet and cooperative little girls. This is kind of like “The Last Stand” to make sure my body is ready for this IVF cycle. Once I’m given the green light, there’s no turning back! I’ll start packing my suitcase for Denver.

Speaking of Denver–HELLO and GOOD LUCK to my fellow blog friends who are currently in Denver or will be there this weekend!!! I cannot wait to follow along with your cycles and am crossing my fingers right along with you!

The breakthrough bleeding disappeared on Sunday night and hasn’t returned all week, thank goodness. Surprisingly, I’ve had no really negative side effects of Lupron. The only thing I have noticed is that I’ve been welling up over the silliest things. Like yesterday, I was reading an article about Chelsea Clinton’s wedding online while sitting at my desk at work, and I felt my eyes fill up with tears. What the heck?! I had to grab a tissue and dab at my eyes and calm myself down. I had the same sensation while watching an episode of Mad Men last night over something not even remotely sad. But thankfully, I haven’t experienced any real moodiness or headaches. Maybe my excitement over FINALLY getting to move forward with this cycle is trumping all bad physical side effects. : )

We’re at the part in season two of Mad Men during which infertility becomes a huge issue for Pete and Trudy. (We are behind b/c we only just started watching this show but are quickly devouring the episodes.) On the episode we watched last night, Pete’s SA turned out perfectly and Trudy was upset. I knew before she even said anything that she was upset because in her mind, she is beginning to pin their infertility on herself. I know those feelings of guilt and sadness. I don’t know what transpires with this plot line, but for now I am really impressed that such a popular television program would touch such a sensitive subject, and what they’re going through really rings true for me personally. I am SO thankful to live in a time during which crazy technologies like egg retrievals and chromosome testing are available.

I’m rambling and probably sound like I’m bouncing off the walls. It’s a lovely (but hot!) Friday afternoon, I’m down to the single digits in my countdown of leaving for Denver, and the hubby and I are going to a fancy restaurant tomorrow night to toast to great things to come. We’re finally out of limbo after more than a year, and it feels great!


4 Responses to “Bye Bye, BC!”

  1. LisainSK said

    Yes, the IF saga of Pete and Trudy of Mad Men gets quite interesting…more so for Pete. But Pete’s, like usual, is a real arse to his lovely wife Trudy with regard to their options…love that show!

    And just can’t wait to follow along with your journey. We’re within weeks of our donor starting stims also if we get a green light from my mock FET cycle on Monday.

    So happy you are moving forward…limbo land will be all but a memory soon. Hoping it will be a happy ending.

  2. Cassie said

    I’m so glad you are moving along! It’s exciting to start thinking about packing your bags. I’m sorry I’ll miss you out here but thanks for the good wishes.

  3. A.E. said

    SO very excited for you. I’m hanging on every word!

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