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Part-Timer Problems

Posted by auntiem10 on August 7, 2010

Last week I e-mailed my CCRM nurse a couple of times, and she didn’t respond, which I found odd. Last night I received an e-mail from her, in which she told me that as of next week, she’s reducing her workload to part-time. This apparently means she’ll only be working two days per week. Instead of assigning me a new nurse, she just let me know that I can communicate with one of three other nurses for my questions. My heart sank when I read her e-mail. I feel that the potential for miscommunication or slipping through the cracks is much higher when not dealing with a dedicated nurse. I worry that Nurse A will tell Nurse B that she will call me, and then she will get busy and forget. Or that Nurse A will think Nurse B will call me, and Nurse B will think Nurse A will call me, and I won’t get called for dosage instructions. I’ve had a direct line of communication with my (now former) nurse since our ODWU, and it makes me really sad that this is happening literally the week before we start the most crucial part of our IVF cycle. Of course, she is human and I’m sure that is a high stress job, but the timing for me personally could not be worse. Figures!

I sent an e-mail to the general nurse’s inbox, telling them that I have some concerns about this new arrangement. I hate to seem like I don’t trust their ability to communicate with me even though I don’t have a dedicated nurse, but I requested that they assign me a new one so that I feel a little more secure. It’s a big clinic, and mistakes can happen. I’m hoping that they’ll honor my request as a patient and want to make me feel more comfortable, but I am nervous that this won’t happen or that they’ll label me as a “problem” patient. This is stress I don’t need at the moment!

My cousin had her baby this morning at 2am, an 8-lb 13 oz baby girl. They live a few hours away, so I haven’t seen the baby yet, but I suppose we’ll need to make a trip there after Denver is behind us. Story of my life: I am happy for them, but sad for us. I wonder if that feeling will even go away after we are finally successful someday. Hopefully about a year from now, we’ll be welcoming our own bundle(s) of joy into the family!


5 Responses to “Part-Timer Problems”

  1. LisainSK said

    Ugh…that does suck about your nurse. Hoping you can find some assurances in your care, rather communication concerns, quickly. I really like you you said “happy for them but sad for us” with regard to your cousin’s birth. The sentiment rings so true to life as an IFer.

  2. R said

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with asking for a new nurse. I can tell you that on the donor side, they all work together. Yes, I have a primary nurse, but I have direct communication with two on a regular basis. I hope it works out.

  3. Maggie said

    Hey – we must have “had” the same nurse….I got this same email but last week. Was shocked, but haven’t done anything about it but I have the same exact concerns. When I had my P4 tested Wednesday I was worried but got a call pretty early in the day. But, don’t feel a “connection”. Please keep me updated – I may send this same request next week.

  4. LC1 said

    Ya- I know what you mean about communication issues. My nurse seems so confused on where I am at in my cycle when she calls. I have to update her on where I’m at! And the recent mis-communication about my dosage change was really frustrating!

  5. Polly said

    I’m sorry about the nurse thing and the “happy for them, sad for us” I had to miss Christmas with family a few years because of this. For me, this feeling has mostly gone away (I’m a CCRM success story). But still I cringe sometimes when I hear good news – infertility has changed my life, not just prior to having a child, but entirely. … The sting is so much more gentle though.

    I hope that the nurse switcharoo doesn’t affect your cycle too much. I know that I have a fabulous nurse, but I still nag her all the time … hey, I’m not payin’ that kind of money to hope that they remember the details! Sucks that I feel like I have to, but I look at it as if I’m just being my own advocate.

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