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Posted by auntiem10 on August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th was not kind to me this year. My IVF cycle is officially cancelled.

I wasn’t able to update until now because the CCRM nurse didn’t call until I was on my way to a wedding rehearsal after work. My estradiol shot up to 293.4 (from 146.96) since Tuesday. This morning a different u/s tech found a 15mm cyst that had previously been shadowed by the endometrioma. Just based on the u/s, I was bracing myself all day for the cancellation. When it came, I cried big fat tears for a little bit. I was so ready to make that drive, take those shots, swallow those pills, go through surgery. It’s just not to be, I guess, and it’s best to wait until my body is completely ready.

The new plan: wait until Cycle Day 1, and then e-mail CCRM. They’ll put me on BCPs for longer than this last time, and then I’ll start Lupron. Then we’ll “hope” that the cyst has gone away, according to the nurse who called me tonight. We’re looking at more of an Octoberish timeline now, unfortunately. I’m not really sure when to expect AF or anything, so I guess I’ll just try to focus on other stuff for a while. I can’t help thinking that this is never going to happen for us.


13 Responses to “Cancelled.”

  1. Oh that really sucks. I am so sorry. It is so frustrating to be stuck in this endless cycle of waiting. To be in limbo while everyone else moves on with their lives.

    Thinking of you, and hoping that the next cycle brings more progress.

  2. LisainSK said

    Oh I am so so so sorry Aunt Em…big bear hugs to you! If it’s any consolation, I’m planning my embryo transfer for October and maybe there will be a chance we can meet IRL. But that’s little consolation right now. You were hoping for RIGHT NOW. Waiting is the worst thing about IF and to wait even more just makes it worse.

    **Thought**…I know nothing about cysts but what if you asked them to drain the cyst? Is it worth draining? A girl in my support group had the exact same thing happen to her just before IVF in June/July. Her suppression showed increasing estradiol levels as well so her RE said they would drain her cyst. They did, the estradiol levels went down and then she went on to do stims and collected like 20 eggs (they were tracking 32 at one point). Then I won’t tell you the rest but miraculously she’s pg on the only embryo that survived to day 5. But the point is that they drained the cyst and she was able to move on. But of course every situation is different as is every RE. Not sure but just thought I’d throw this out there.

    Big hugs…try and enjoy the wedding this weekend.

  3. R said

    I know EXACTLY how you feel and it is just awful. I think I may have mentioned that I have been cancelled SO many times by ccrm and it never gets easier. The good news is that you haven’t started stims yet, because that is the worst. I know how much you wanted this timeline, and that October must feel like FOREVER from now (I was postponed until then too), but as people keep telling me, it is just around the corner. The most important thing is to make sure your body is in perfect shape so that you can get pregnant.

    Sorry this has happened to you.

  4. Pie said

    Ugh, that SUCKS! I hate it when you are on a path, and your body does not cooperate. It is not fair. Is it worth get thing this drained and the endometrioma(s) removed? I mean, if you have to delay, maybe do something to help in the mean time? I don’t know a ton about these cysts – I had one once that resolved – but I know that was an option then.

  5. Cassie said

    I’m sorry you got cancelled – I know how much it sucks too. Another thing to ask about would be taking an Ovidrel trigger shot to bring on ovulation and hopefully get rid of that cyst (which is just a leftover follicle from last time…) I didn’t do this at CCRM, but did at my previous clinic. Then you would know exactly when to expect AF too (it would be about 14 days after the shot). But they may just want you to wait it out.
    Even though it is hard to accept, I know that you know it is for the best to wait to cycle when the circumstances are optimal.

  6. LC1 said

    I’m so sorry to hear about your cancellation. So frustrating and not fair.

  7. I’m so sorry you were canceled. It does, indeed, sucketh. BUT, this will happen for you!

  8. Maggie said

    Oh no. I am so sorry 😦 I hope the next month goes by as fast as possible for you.

  9. T. said

    I’m so sorry your cycle was postponed. It stinks to be emotionally ready to cycle & then to have the rug pulled out from under you. I had to postpone my cycle this spring three times due to cysts & I strongly suspect that, in my case, it was the DHEA that was the culprit. It wasn’t until the month after I quit taking DHEA that I was able to move forward with my cycle. Dr. Surrey said that, in theory, DHEA could create a cyst problem in some women. Anyway, I thought I’d mention it just in case you’re taking DHEA.


  10. Flygirl555 said

    Em – Sorry this is not happening as quickly as you had planned. I know it seems to be taking forever, but the time needs to be right and your body needs to be ready.

    As you stated a few posts ago, we are extremely fortunate to live in a time and a country where this technology exists and we have the ability to figure out these complications.

    Hang in there, October will be here before you know it!

  11. A.E. said

    M – I know you were so ready for this and I’m sorry it’s being postponed. Hopefully, you can find things to divert your attention and October won’t be too long of a wait. Thinking of you…

  12. […] cyst was the same one from last cycle, the one that had elevated my estradiol level to 293.4 at my last suppression check (when it should have been less than 50). I left with a knot in my belly that refused to untie itself […]

  13. […] stopped BCPs for IVF cycle that was later canceled, found out I had a huge cyst and IVF cycle was officially canceled, decided on monitoring and Novarel trigger shot to force ovulation (which failed), received fourth […]

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