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Back to Waiting

Posted by auntiem10 on August 16, 2010

It’s been a few days now since our IVF cycle was cancelled. The first 24 hours were terrible because I was so disappointed. My dad and niece were staying with us, and we had a wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner to attend, but the tears just kept flowing. I could not make them stop. I cried on the way to the rehearsal dinner, on our way home, after crawling into bed, upon waking up on Saturday. I know it was dumb–it’s not like the world was ending–but I just so felt crushed.

At the wedding on Saturday evening, something came over me and I just kind of started accepting our fate. I watched my amazing hubby stand beside his best friend at the front of the church and thought about how lucky I am to have such an incredible life partner. At the reception, we danced and laughed all night, and I realized that the cancellation is just a small setback. We have a whole lifetime to work on this dream of ours, to welcome a baby into our home, and a couple of months is just a blip of time. Although the road seems so very long right now, there is an end in sight, and we will appreciate the journey even more because it wasn’t easy for us.


5 Responses to “Back to Waiting”

  1. R said

    UGH, waiting sucks…plain and simple. Hope it isn’t too long.

  2. LisainSK said

    You have a rock solid attitude! Good for you for not letting IF ruin another night of yours. October will be here before you know it!!

  3. Kim said

    I’m so glad you had a few days to get out whatever sadness you needed to for the cancellation. I’m also super proud of you for the quick bounce back. You’re resilient at a time when that’s the last thing you want to be.


  4. Cassie said

    Waiting does suck! (You don’t have to remind me 😉 But it sounds like you have a great attitude. I’m so glad you had a fun time at the wedding!

  5. You have every right to feel absoloutly crushed. Infertility is full of waiting, and when things are pushed back again it can feel like it’s never going to happen.

    I am glad that you were able to have fun with your husband, and see that you two make a great team.

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