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No Growth

Posted by auntiem10 on August 23, 2010

Sorry I didn’t update over the weekend–we stayed pretty busy. Saturday we went out of town to visit friends and family, and yesterday we were preparing dinner for my in-laws and then entertaining them.

Yesterday morning my u/s showed ZERO growth since Friday. The follicle is still about 16mm, and the u/s tech said she would have expected to see some kind of growth. They also drew blood to test my estradiol, progesterone, and LH levels. For some reason my phone didn’t ring when CCRM called yesterday afternoon, so I just received a voicemail message. The nurse indicated that I’ll need more u/s monitoring this week and asked me to contact them today. I haven’t found out yet when I need to schedule a third u/s this week or what my hormone levels were.

I’m confused about what is being seen on the u/s. Is it a cyst or a lead follicle? On Friday my local u/s tech said I am growing an egg, but wouldn’t it have increased in size a little since Friday? The mass that they were calling a cyst after my suppression check is now what they are measuring as the lead follicle, so I am not sure what is going on. If it is a follicle and not a cyst, then are the BCPs (presumably to shrink the cyst) even necessary, considering that I’ll be triggering this week to force ovulation? I am wondering, if the mass is a lead follicle and not a cyst, if it’s possible to switch to a down-regulation protocol and skip BCPs altogether to speed up our timeline. I sent off an e-mail this morning asking several questions and am waiting for a reply.

I hope everyone else had a great weekend! I’ll have to catch up with all of your blogs this afternoon!


2 Responses to “No Growth”

  1. LisainSK said

    Oh wow…that is interesting. Will await to see what CCRM thinks…

  2. Cassie said

    Hmmm…I’m pretty confused. I don’t really understand why the follicle has to be a certain size before you trigger, since you are just trying to get rid of it. Are they afraid it won’t drop if it isn’t big enough?
    And if you are on BCPs to shrink the cyst, why are they surprised that it hasn’t grown?
    I’m sorry this is turning into an ordeal – I feel a little bad since I’m the one who suggested it. I have to say that when I did this, it was at my old clinic and they said I could just go ahead and trigger – they didn’t make me get monitored again. But maybe my follicle was already bigger than yours is – I don’t remember.
    I hope everything gets going soon!

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