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Slowly Ramping Up

Posted by auntiem10 on August 26, 2010

HCG Trigger injection… Check.
Small fib told to father… Check.
Appointment made for Progesterone check on 9/1… Check.
Another bottle of Lupon ordered… Check.
Balance of fees paid to CCRM… Check.

Got a few things taken care of yesterday… waiting to make all other arrangements in case we get postponed again. We did schedule the hubby’s back-up sample for the 17th, but that’s only because we were worried about the lab being booked since the clinic seems busy this time of year and because we wanted him to have more options with flights. I’m refusing to get excited about this new, expedited timeline until it’s pretty much set in stone! : ) With any luck, this will finally be “our time” and I’ll be heading in my car to Denver in 20 days.

We ended up telling my dad that we are going to Denver for testing. It’s a definite fib, and I feel bad, but it was necessary. After much discussion with the hubby yesterday, we both really feel that secrecy this time is of utmost importance to us. I stressed to my dad our desire for privacy (no one in my family seems capable of keeping a secret), and he seemed to understand. He and my stepmom (who is 11 years younger than him) went through some IUIs and stuff that they wanted kept totally private years ago, so I think he will respect our wishes. (They weren’t successful with this treatment and chose not to pursue IVF, which was a very new technology at the time.)

The HCG trigger injection administration went great Tuesday evening at 7:40 p.m. Picture it: the aroma of freshly grilled veggies was in the air, and I was lying on our couch, flinching with all my might as the hubby put to good use his years of experience in college at the local bar throwing darts. With a quick dartlike motion, he counted to three, stabbed me with the needle, pulled back to make sure no blood was visible, and then pushed down on the plunger to release the medicine into my body. Definitely not the best feeling in the world, but for me at least, the anticipation is a lot worse than the experience itself. The hubby is a total needle-phobe but is willing to “man up” and administer all intramuscular injections. When he signed that marriage license, I doubt he knew that he would end up sticking needles in my fanny a few years later. : ) Hopefully he will continue to refine his dart-throwing skills next year with many weeks of PIO shots. If that’s what it takes, we’re up for the challenge.

Just a note for those who are new to the world of injections: the syringes I was given by my local pharmacy were marked in mL, while CCRM’s instructions were in CCs. I called the after-hours line for clarification about the difference between mL and CC, but while we waited for a return phone call, we googled and all the results indicated that mL and CCs are the same measurement. When the on-call nurse called back, she confirmed that the measurement is the same for mL or CC. Medical personnel and many IVF veterans (hell, maybe everyone but me) probably already know this, but we had no idea. Hopefully this info will help someone in the future.


5 Responses to “Slowly Ramping Up”

  1. LC1 said

    I hope soo much that you’ll be headed to Denver in 20 days!!! I’m tired of waiting too!! Looking forward to your cycle!!!

  2. Rambler said

    I think telling your father a half truth was the smartest thing to do. Releases you of any added stress or guilt!

    Sorry to see your schedule continually sidelined b/c of the cyst, but optimal conditions are being made so that’s a huge positive, regardless of the delays.

    And I wondered about the CC vs Ml thing too. Good of you to put it in here for someone else! 🙂

  3. LisainSK said

    So hoping that your calendar will proceed as scheduled! Also, a very funny story about your DH and your HCG injection…too cute!

  4. Glad things are moving right along!!

  5. […] found out I had a huge cyst and IVF cycle was officially canceled, decided on monitoring and Novarel trigger shot to force ovulation (which failed), received fourth calendar, took a fun weekend trip, prepared […]

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