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Stims Begins

Posted by auntiem10 on September 23, 2010

Today I start stims. I woke up actually excited to pierce my abdomen with a needle. The things IVF will do to a normally sane person! My calendar indicates that I needed to inject two vials of Menopur, so I reconstituted both vials and injected. Hopefully my ovaries got the message: It’s “Go” time, ladies!!! : )

I also took my regular dose of Synthroid (50mcg) and 100mg Doxycycline pill just after injecting the Menopur. About 30 minutes later, I began to feel extremely nauseated. I flopped down on my bed with my two dogs and just rested for about 20 minutes, then dragged myself back up and finished getting ready for work. I hope this was just a fluke! I took Doxycyline after the hysteroscopy at our ODWU, and I don’t remember any nausea. I’ve never taken Menopur before, and I did read in the instruction leaflet that 60 people in a study felt nauseated. Hmm..

Tonight I take 150 units of Follistim and 5 units of Lupron. I continue this exact same drug protocol until Sunday, at which point I’ll inject two vials of Menopur in the morning and then wait for instructions on the Follistim dosage later that day.

The hubby and I decided that I’m going to travel to Denver on Saturday instead of Monday, and I’ll do all of my monitoring at CCRM. Originally I planned to have my first follicle scan and bloodwork performed locally because I didn’t want to miss any more days of work than necessary. We would have had to pay OOP for it locally–the ultrasound would have cost $252 and the bloodwork another $250 or so. Since it worked out that my first follicle scan is on a Sunday, I can avoid missing more work, spend $200 to extend my hotel stay (instead of $500 in doctors’ bills), and have my first monitoring appointment on Sunday at CCRM, where it’s part of the fees we’ve already paid. I called and made all the reservations this morning, so it’s a done deal. That means that 48 hours from now, I’ll be driving to Denver. So excited!

I don’t know what I’m going to do from Saturday-Wednesday when my hubby arrives. I want to keep my spending down so we can explore Denver together when he flies in. I’m also worried that my little doggies will think I’ve abandoned them! We really debated back and forth about bringing them with us, but at the end of the day we decided it’s better for them to stay in their comfort zone at our house. They would be nervous in a weird place, they would have to be left alone while I went to appointments, they might bark and disturb other guests, and they’ve never traveled in a car for more than a couple of hours at a time. They are relatively high-energy dogs (terriers) and might not adjust well to such a long trip. Instead, we hired a professional petsitting company to arrange for one sitter to stay overnight with them from Wednesday – Friday, and another sitter to stay overnight with them from Saturday until whenever we arrive home. There will be someone at our house with our four-legged friends from 7pm – 7am every single day that we’re gone, so it’s not like they’ll be lacking for attention. But I still feel terrible about being away from them for so long, since they are very bonded to me (and I to them). My reasurring DH keeps reminding me that we’ve done this before (our honeymoon), and he’s right. I need to just let go a little. He doesn’t leave until next Wednesday, so they’ll really only be with the petsitters for about five nights. Now do you see why we have to watch our own spending? The service is a little pricey, but it’s worth it for peace of mind.

So the next few days will be busy… I’m wrapping up projects at work, trying to get things organized so that I’m at a good stopping place. I’ll also be starting to pack tonight. I may not have time to check in again until Saturday evening after I’ve arrived in Denver or Sunday after my first scan, but by then I’ll have lots to say (and hopefully lots of eggs brewing)!


7 Responses to “Stims Begins”

  1. A.E. said

    Wow! Your post is packed with so much good, positive info!
    Safe travels to Denver…so glad you’re having the monitoring there.
    Can’t wait for an update.

  2. Pie said

    Congrats on starting stims!! So exciting, and it seems like it’s been such a long wait to get here for you. The doxy always made me a bit queasy. I forget, is that the med you can’t take with dairy? Something like that, and of course, I always eat either yogurt or cereal with milk for breakfast – so of course, it was hard to quell the queasies with a nice breakfast! You’ll get through it, I’m sure. Have a safe drive there!!

  3. Jen said

    Yay! Hope you have a safe drive to our fair state!

  4. Cassie said

    Hooray for getting started!
    Even though the doxy says to take on an empty stomach, I seem to remember my nurse telling me it was fine to take with food if it made me nauseous. It was most likely the doxy and not the Menopur that made you feel queasy.

  5. Patience said

    I always feel that excitement when starting stims. Hoping that all goes well and you enjoy a few quiet days in Denver. It is especially beautiful, and I loved just driving through the mountains before DH met me out there last October. Thinking of you!

  6. Molly said

    Wow! You are getting so close. Best wishes!

  7. Susie said

    I’m going to seem like a fairweather follower of your blog (sorry again for my absence)… So excited that you’re headed to Denver today! I emailed you earlier and just read all of your posts since August! You’ve been through so much. I really admire your attitude – very impressive. And you and your DH seem to have such a great relationship. You two will make great parents. I will be following your progress in Denver. My fingers are crossed for you!!

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