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Touching a Statue

Posted by auntiem10 on September 27, 2010

This spring, the hubby and I went on a little weekend trip to St Louis, Missouri. We had tickets to the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight regional games, but when our team shockingly lost in the first round, we decided we were too heartbroken to watch the surviving teams play. So instead, we filled our days with a visit to the arboretum… science museum… Union Station, and other sites. On the last day, we visited the St Louis Art Museum. And there, we saw a 1400-year-old Fertility Statue:

Cute, isn’t it?! (Haha.)

The security around that place was tight. Guards roamed all around, acting as eagleyes and chastising people who stood too close to the art. Despite our undeniable role in life as rule-followers, my hubby MADE me touch this statue, thinking its powers would spread to me. You had to be there, but it was hilarious. He stood watch until the nearest guard had her back turned, and he pumped his arm up and down to give me the all-clear signal. I tip-toed over to the statue and laid my hand on it. We giggled later and talked about how we are such rebels! Ha.

I wonder if this 1400-year-old statue served as a good-luck charm for many a woman back in the day. Will its powers still exist over ten centuries later? We shall see in early 2011! : )


4 Responses to “Touching a Statue”

  1. Lc1 said

    So sneaky of u two to touch the statue!! Too funny! Hope the statue brings you good luck your cycle!

  2. Cassie said

    I’m sure that will do the trick! Good for you!

  3. Susie said

    I love it. Sounds like things are off to a good start! I’m with another one of your commenters (from yesterday, I think) — you are Superwoman. Hey, if you like art museums, check out the Denver Art Museum. It’s pretty cool and has amazing contemporary architecture. My fingers are crossed for you. By the way, loved all of the photos of the inside of CCRM — made me feel a bit nostalgic. Are you a journalist? Your blog is really documenting so much for future CCRMers. Hope your scan tomorrow goes great!

  4. […] right away. We were just sick of waiting and needed to take the next step. Took a fun trip east and touched a fertility statue like […]

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