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Same Old Dose

Posted by auntiem10 on September 28, 2010

The call came a little late, but my nurse finally let me know that all of my doses will stay the same tonight and tomorrow. I had an appointment scheduled for tomorrow morning, but Dr. Surrey feels that I can take the day off and just come in Thursday morning. I was kinda hoping to be monitored daily from here on out, but I guess they have their reasons for letting me take a day off.  I still don’t know my estradiol level, but it must be rising appropriately since they haven’t adjusted my dose of Follistim. That is good news!

Tuesday and Wednesday: Synthroid, 2 vials Menopur, Antibiotic, Prenatal, 150 units Follistim, 5 units lupron, Antibiotic, Dexamethasone

Thursday I have monitoring at 8am, then my IVF physical while the hubby provides his fun back-up sample, and then we have our genetic counseling session. We should be out of there around 10:30 a.m. and can then go explore!

Today I went to the Park Meadows Mall. Wow, it’s a pretty upscale place! Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn (and Pottery Barn Kids), Crate + Barrel, Armani, Swarovski, etc. Inside it looks like a hunting lodge with skylights and wooden beams everywhere. I bought some fall decor from Crate + Barrel and some carry-along antibacterial soap from Bath & Body Works, and managed to control myself in all of the other stores. : ) This mall has a pet store (which I strongly oppose), and my heart dropped in my stomach to see all those puppies. : ( It has been VERY hot here today, so the best place to hang out was definitely inside. One funny thing: I grabbed a sandwich at the mall’s food court, and they gave me one of those little round discs that vibrated when my order was ready! The mall in my own metropolitan area is considerably less ritzy. : )


2 Responses to “Same Old Dose”

  1. LisainSK said

    Great to hear things are progressing along. I know!! The Park Meadows Mall is awesome!! I really didn’t buy much when I was last there as I knew my Vegas trip was coming up but it is really a nice mall.

  2. Patience said

    So happy to hear that things are moving along well. Enjoy the day “off” from monitoring. I hope you get to sleep in and then go explore the area. Thinking of you!

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