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A Tour of the Staybridge Park Meadows

Posted by auntiem10 on September 29, 2010

While in Denver, I’m staying at the Staybridge Suites Park Meadows. I figured I would add a little room tour to this blog for future CCRM patients who are considering staying at this hotel.

I chose this hotel because many people on my main CCRM message board have stayed here in the past. It is located in a very convenient area–only about three miles away from CCRM, very near to to shopping, restaurants, parks, highways, etc. The current CCRM rate is $69.99/night for their standard room. With tax and everything, it works out to about $78/night.

Here is a view from the doorway:

When you step into the room, the kitchen area is directly to your right. It features a full-size refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, a stovetop with two burners, and plenty of cabinet space. In the cabinets are pots, pans, silverware, glasses, bowls, and plates:

The “living room” area features a desk, a decently comfortable couch, and a couple of small tables (plus a remote control for the TV and for the DVD player):

Directly across from the couch is the queen-sized bed. It is a little firmer than my bed at home, but it is still pretty comfortable:

The TV and DVD player are in the armoire (which features three drawers) on a stand that enables you to angle the TV toward the couch or the bed:

The hotel leaves a selection of pillows in the room. Here is the little placecard that was on the bed when I checked in:

Next to the bed is the little bathroom area.

Below is a nice-sized closet that can hold your luggage. It also holds hangers, a laundry basket, an ironing board, and an iron:

The vanity area has a few pull-out drawers for your toiletries, a good amount of counter space, and some complimentary toiletries:

The bathroom itself has not impressed me very much, honestly. It is poorly lit, has no ventilation fan, and the water pressure kinda sucks:

The air conditioning unit is next to the couch. You can adjust the room temperature as needed. From my experience, the room was colder during the day than it was at night, so I turned the thermostat way down before bed so I wouldn’t wake up hot. The A/C unit does kick on and off during the day and night, which can be a little distracting if you are trying to watch TV or are a light sleeper. I brought a small desk fan for noise continuity at night.

The windows open, and it’s been nice to have some fresh air:

On the refrigerator, there is a calendar with the month’s dinner menu. A complimentary dinner is provided Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday:

Last night I decided to partake in the night’s free dinner, which was Mexican food from a restaurant called Hacienda Colorado. The spread included a salad bar, tortillas, refried beans, ground beef, tortilla chips, and cheese dip, plus add-ons like cheese and sliced jalapenos. They also offered fountain drinks and water. I didn’t take a picture of any of this, but that is one example of the meals offered. Another example was a burgers and hot dogs spread. They also offer beer (which my husband decided to try–I think it was Killian’s) and wine, served by an attendant.

Every morning, the Staybridge offers a free breakfast. The buffet is set up in a little room by itself and features oatmeal (and toppings), bagels, toast, muffins, yogurt, milk, cereal, eggs, sausage or bacon, waffles, fresh fruit, etc. There are plenty of options for whatever kind of breakfast you prefer. They also offer coffee and juices to drink, and they supply both disposable plates/cutlery/cups as well as dishwasher-friendly. You can either eat in your room or in the dining area next to the buffet. 

This hotel offers free laundry, although you have to bring your own detergent. There are also little storage rooms available if you need extra storage.

Free wi-fi is also available in this hotel. I’ve had no problem whatsoever connecting on my laptop. There is a password needed to log in to their network, and you can just ask the front desk when you check in.

Other features on the hotel property are an outdoor pool, a courtyard with tables and chairs, an outdoor basketball court, and a nice sitting area with big TVs in the lobby.

Inside my room, I haven’t been disturbed by much noise. This is a pet-friendly hotel, so I have occasionally heard a dog bark, and I can hear people talking if they walk by my room. The desktop fan I turn on at night completely drowns out any noise while I sleep. I’ve stayed in hotels with paperthin walls before, and this hotel does not fall into that category at all.

Here is the cleaning policy:

Overall, I have no major complaints with this hotel. Especially considering the inexpensive price, the Staybridge is a great deal. It’s not the fanciest hotel, but it’s definitely nice enough!


3 Responses to “A Tour of the Staybridge Park Meadows”

  1. LC1 said

    We stayed at the Staybridge Denver Tech Center, the Park Meadows one was booked up.
    We liked it too. The staff was really nice, the free dinners and breakfasts were great! We were really happy with it not fancy but very nice and comfortable for the price!!

  2. romik said

    Happy to read that your ovaries are cooperating. Hope your DH arrived safely. Have fun sightseeing tomorrow!

  3. LisainSK said

    Your post is better than trip.advisordotcom!! Great post.

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