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Back in Stirrups

Posted by auntiem10 on September 30, 2010

This morning we headed in for another ultrasound at CCRM. Today is my eighth day of stims. I wasn’t very happy with the u/s tech today; she didn’t really share any details with me and rushed me right on out of there, ignoring my questions along the way. I mentioned to the nurse that I would appreciate a little more information, and she gave me the report that the nurses receive after the u/s. This document had way more detail.

My left ovary has 6-8 follicles, along with 3 smaller ones that probably won’t make the cut at retrieval. The six that were measured today were 16.5mm, 14.5mm, 14mm, 14mm, 13mm, and 13mm.

My right ovary has 8-12 follicles, with the leading six measuring at 17mm, 17mm, 16.5mm, 15mm, 15mm, and 13mm. Even though it doesn’t matter because we’re doing a freeze-all, my lining is 12mm with a triple stripe pattern. This is good to know for later, when we get closer to the transfer. Everyone seems universally pleased with how everything is going for us. I then had my blood drawn and will receive those results this afternoon.

Then my DH went downstairs to provide his back-up sample, and I headed to the other side of the main lobby to check in for my IVF physical. First they weighed me, and then I was asked about the medications I’m taking. My temperature and blood pressure were recorded, and lastly they pricked my finger to test my iron. Then a nurse practitioner came in and asked me a few more questions about my medical history and then gave me the pre-op instructions. The only appointment lasted about 15 minutes and was no big deal.

Finally, I met up with my DH and we checked in for the genetic counseling session. A counselor named Danielle met with us, and she was fabulous. She was very thorough in her explanation of the process, and she made us feel at ease by getting to know us a little. Their current success rate for euploidy (normal) embryos is in the high 70s/low 80s. She told us that based on their statistics and our age, we can expect about 50% of the fertilized embryos to become blasts, and about 50% of the blasts to be “normal.” Overall, she sounded very optimistic, although she did let us know the risks and the possibilities that things might not go our way. We signed about as much paperwork as we did when we bought our house, and then we were done. She was nice enough to write down a few restaurant recommendations and talked to us about our plans while we’re here. I loved her!

We’re now heading out to grab some lunch and explore downtown Denver. Later this evening, I’ll update with tonight’s dosage instructions. At least from the follicle measurements, it seems like I still have at least a few days to go before triggering, but we’ll see what Dr. Surrey thinks! My calendar lists Saturday as the tentative trigger date, so we’ll see if that sticks. More later!


5 Responses to “Back in Stirrups”

  1. LC1 said

    We loved Danielle too… such a nice feeling when they’re so optimistic for you.
    So glad your follies are growing well. Enjoy Denver with your hubby today!!!

  2. Pie said

    You are doing so great, those eggs are so even in their growth, which is great!! They say 1-2mm growth per day, so you might be right on track with Saturday. I loved Danielle too, she really has such a great way of explaining things and is so patient. Love her!

  3. LisainSK said

    I loved Danielle too…met with her colleague Mary as well. Both were super awesome. And now high 70s to 80s for success?!! That’s great! They told me about 6-7 weeks ago it was low 70s with a two embryo transfer! But I know the volume of the people doing CCS is greatly increasing and thus not surprised. This is great news. And awesome follies report to. Enjoy the rest of your day.

  4. A.E. said

    It’s all happening so quickly now. I hope things work out for a Saturday tentative trigger day. It really sounds like you’re right on track. SO happy for you both!

  5. Deana said

    Danielle was great – we also loved her! Hope you are having a great time with your husband there now!

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