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Slowing Down the Stimming

Posted by auntiem10 on September 30, 2010

We just got the call a little while ago–tonight I’m reducing the dosage of Follistim to 75 units, and tomorrow morning I will only inject one vial of Menopur. I did ask about my estradiol level today, and it is currently 2487. Last year on the eighth day of stimming, I was ready to trigger and my estradiol level was 3431. I obviously stimmed way too fast last time (with the microdose lupron protocol), so I’m thrilled to see the huge difference in my estradiol level. I’m not sure what my estradiol level was on Tuesday when I last had my blood drawn, but apparently today’s result was a huge increase, and that’s why Dr. Surrey reduced my dosage by half.

We go back to CCRM in the morning for another monitoring session, and then we have our IVF cycle review. Tomorrow I plan to ask how close to trigger we are. Physically I am feeling perfect except for a little bit of pressure in the ovarian region. Last year my ovaries were huge (as a result of stimming too quickly), and they made the stimming process very uncomfortable. I’m amazed by how good I still feel eight days into stims, and I feel very fortunate to have few side effects. I am very impressed at how well Dr. Surrey has controlled my estradiol level, and I hope this difference will lead to some good-quality embryos!


2 Responses to “Slowing Down the Stimming”

  1. Jen said

    So glad to hear that this protocol is going tons better for you than last time. Let’s hope it means the results will be better too!

  2. LisainSK said

    Great news AuntiEm!

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