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The Fountain and Downtown Denver

Posted by auntiem10 on October 1, 2010

Today I’m heading back to CCRM for another ultrasound, blood draw, and our IVF cycle review.

(This is the famous fountain in the lobby at CCRM.)

Yesterday we had a fun day. After spending our morning at CCRM, we ate a quick lunch and then headed downtown. We had reservations to tour the Denver Mint. They are VERY strict about security there, and I wasn’t able to take in my camera, so I have no pictures. Darn! It was neat though. The Denver Mint only makes coins, and the tour includes an overhead view of three of the rooms where coins are stamped.

Afterwards, we drove by the Capitol building…

And headed to our dessert destination, d Bar Desserts. We love The Food Network (this restaurant is owned by Keegan Gerhard, a judge from Food Network Challenge, and his wife), and I’m a chocolaholic, so we had to make time in our schedule for their “Cake and Shake.”

Yep, it was amazing if you like chocolate. The space itself is small, but the interior is very pretty and modern…

We LOVED this mid-day dessert rendezvous. We normally don’t even eat dessert at restaurants, so this was a rare treat. The cake was SO rich, we each brought at least half of the slice home. You can choose between a chocolate or vanilla shake or malt. Yum!

Last night we took Cassie’s suggestion and went to 3 Margaritas for dinner. We went to the Littleton location on County Line Road, and we really enjoyed both the food and the 5-mile drive west toward the mountains. It was a day of great food!!!

Today after we finish up at CCRM, we’re heading back to the Garden of the Gods and Manitou Springs. We went to both places when we were in Denver for our ODWU in April, and we loved it. I will be sure to take plenty of pictures of both to share. We’re also planning to explore the Outlets at Castle Rock, which is something we haven’t done before. The weather here has been beautiful, so it should be a nice day!


2 Responses to “The Fountain and Downtown Denver”

  1. LisainSK said

    Cool!! So glad you are having a great time while stimming.

  2. […] too full for ice cream at Josh & John’s (plus we had just enjoyed the cake & shake at d. Bar Desserts the previous day), so we skipped dessert this trip. We did walk up and down the main drag, exploring […]

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