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Possible Trigger Tonight!

Posted by auntiem10 on October 1, 2010

It looks like we may end up triggering tonight instead of tomorrow as scheduled! I didn’t get the measurements of all of the follicles, but my nurse told me they expect to retrieve 21-25 eggs. She said on average, 75% of the retrieved eggs are mature. We’ll see if these statistics hold true for us!

We’ll get the official instructions later. I injected one vial of Menopur today, but the nurse thinks I’ll skip Follistim tonight. I will update when we get home from a full day of sightseeing!


5 Responses to “Possible Trigger Tonight!”

  1. LisainSK said

    Oh wow!!! Good luck!

  2. romik said

    Very exciting!!!

  3. Lc1 said

    You’re doing great!! Almost there!!! Enjoy your day!

  4. This is awesome! Wish you all the best!

  5. Brittany said

    Just visiting your blog for the very first time, but good luck! How exciting!! 🙂

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