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Keep the Good News Coming (Fert Report)

Posted by auntiem10 on October 4, 2010

Dr. John (CCRM embryologist) called this morning. Out of the 24 eggs retrieved yesterday, 22 were mature, and 19 fertilized with ICSI. That’s an 86% fertilization rate, which is a little above average for their lab. We are happy!!!!!!! This feels like the second hurdle cleared.

However, for us, the most critical hurdle is yet to come. Last year we had a great number of eggs retrieved (16), a great number of mature follicles (14), and a pretty good number of embryos (13) initially thanks to a great fertilization rate (93%). We were very optimistic that we would have not only two awesome blasts to transfer, but also a few to freeze. Then on Day 4, something terrible happened in the local lab, and all but two embryos arrested. By Day 5, we had only one okay-looking blast and one okay-looking morula remaining. And the result was a biochemical pregnancy. Our local RE determined that I possess no chromosomally normal eggs. The embryologist was totally befuddled and didn’t have any suggestions. So without any obvious ideas to improve our odds for the next attempt, we instead went to the Big Guns. Now is the time when CCRM’s lab will hopefully show us what they’re made of! They obviously can’t make blasts out of crappy eggs, but our hope is that this slower protocol and more reputable lab will make all the difference for us. If not, we agree that we’ve done everything we can.

The embryologist from yesterday said that we’ll probably hear the next report on Saturday, which would be Day 6. At that time, they’ll let us know how many embryos were biopsied for CCS testing. The genetic counselor told us that statistically, half of the embryos that fertilize in the lab become blasts, and half of those blasts test “normal.” If our embryos follow suit, we may have 4-5 normals left at the end of this. If I really do have terrible egg quality, then we may only have a couple. Our hope is that we have at least 2-3 normal embryos at the end of this process. Anything less would be terribly disappointing, and anything more will leave us totally ecstatic. This is going to be a long week!

Today I’m feeling sore, like I did a million sit-ups yesterday. We’re working on unpacking, doing loads of laundry, grocery shopping, giving our dogs some attention, and putting our house back in order. We just traveled to the airport to pick up my car after a six-day stay in the parking lot. Tomorrow I’ll recap yesterday’s retrieval for those of you who haven’t gone through an ER at CCRM yet. And as the week progresses, I’ll post some pictures from sighteseeing during our last few days in Denver!


13 Responses to “Keep the Good News Coming (Fert Report)”

  1. Oh WOW… that is amazing news! 19 is an awesome number. I really hope the good news keeps pouring in. CCRM’s lab is pretty awesome so here’s to lots of blasts!

    One tip that I have is, try calling CCRM on Day3 if you want to find out more details. Tell them you want to talk to the embryologist. If you are lucky, they might just connect you through. They told me the same exact thing — that I will only hear from them on Day6 — but I called on Day3 and they connected me through once. I was told that that is not supposed to happen.. but hey, it is worth the phone call.

  2. LC1 said

    Congrats on a great fertilization report!!!!

  3. That is an awesome report! I hope the good news just keeps coming!!

  4. Pie said

    Great report!! Fingers will remain crossed for you – and I hate that they don’t do Day 3 reports anymore, the wait seems endless til Day 6! Hang in there!!

  5. LisainSK said

    I think you’ll have more than 2 or 3 left by Day 6!! Wow!! Sounds very similar to my DE fert report!! Awesome!!

  6. Cassie said

    That’s a great report! I’m sure you’ll have plenty of good ones too!

  7. Jen said

    That’s great numbers! And I understand the long wait about biopsied embryos… It was always nerve wracking to have to wait to hear how many were normal out of the large number we started with! I hope day 6 gets here soon! Hugs!

  8. R said

    That’s a lot of fertilized eggs, good luck as you wait for the day 6 report.

  9. Patience said

    What a great report. I do really feel like there is some magic in the lab there. Can’t wait until your report on Saturday!

  10. Maggie said

    Oh wow!!! Totally awesome!!! What a great report. I can’t wait for Day 6!

  11. Susie said

    I’m so, so happy for you! Reminds me of our CCRM success. I’ll be thinking of you a lot this week as you wait. That was the hardest part for me. Glad you’re home safely and can rest up. Can’t wait for Saturday’s report!

  12. Deana said

    Great numbers, congratulations!!! You will have blasts, don’t worry!!

  13. […] 2010: Celebrated 24 eggs retrieved (and blogged about the ER)and 19 fertilized embryos, found out SIL’s baby is a girl, got the call that six great-quality embryos were […]

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