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Another Breakthrough

Posted by auntiem10 on October 21, 2010

Today it’s been four days since my first Depot Lupron injection, and I am bleeding. I intend to provide weekly updates on the side effects I’m feeling, and this breakthrough bleeding is the first. It’s not as light as spotting, but not super-heavy, and it started around noon while I was out walking in a park. I have felt a little crampy today, but I was surprised to see more than spotting.

My CCRM nurse had said that although the Depot Lupron shot can be injected anytime between CD 1-7, injecting this medication between CD 1-3 would give me the best chance to avoid breakthrough bleeding. I did receive the injection on CD 3, but apparently I fell on the wrong side of the statistics. I can’t friggin pay AF to show up when I need her to, but give me some menopause-inducing medicine and the bleeding starts immediately! Oh, the irony. : )

I guess this means the medicine is doing something in there! I’ve had lingering headaches all week too–not sure if that’s caused by the recent sharp change in weather or if it could be the result of the Depot Lupron. None of this is unbearable by any means, but I just want to report it for those who will be going through the Depot Lupron treatment in the future. Pack your protection, ladies! : )

And those of you out there who have been through the DL treatment: did you experience breakthrough bleeding?


4 Responses to “Another Breakthrough”

  1. Mo said

    I didn’t have breakthrough bleeding. just lots of hot flashes and a really bummed out mood. hope the bleeding subsides soon. ah, the ironies of infertility!

  2. LisainSK said

    Sorry, no response except that your breakthrough bleeding is SO ironic!!

  3. Pie said

    I did not have any bleeding during the entire 2 months on DL. Or afterwards. I must have been really suppressed or menopausal or something! I think I started the DL on CD5 too, not sure if that matters or not.

  4. Patience said

    I didn’t have any bleeding for the entire two months. I actually didn’t have many side effects at all. I was pleasantly surprised, honestly! I hope that the bleeding is only for a short time! When I did the letrozale, I had bleeding the ENTIRE two months… that was NOT fun.

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