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Surprise Call from Dr. Surrey

Posted by auntiem10 on October 23, 2010

Earlier this week, I was leaving work when my cell phone lit up. I was surprised to see CCRM on my Caller ID and even more surprised that the caller was Dr. Surrey. My first thought was that they mistakenly gave us the wrong CCS results! : ) But actually, he was calling to give me our results, not realizing that I had already received a phone call last week. I was happy that he called so I could get his perspective on our chances for pregnancy.

He seemed very impressed at the number of normals that resulted from our six blasts. Apparently, he only expected 30-40% to be normal. I’m not sure if he was basing this prediction off general statistics or his personal thoughts about our cycle. He also seemed very impressed by our grading. Apparently, our best CCS normal blast is the 5AA (which he called “a perfect Day 5 blast”) and our second-best blast is the 6AA (which he called “a perfect Day 6 blast”). He did mention that the 6AA has hatched out of its shell before vitrification, so it will be more delicate during the thawing process. Hopefully it will survive!

He asked whether we had decided how many embryos to transfer (one or two), and I asked him about our chances of twins based on the grades of our embryos. He said if we transfer one embryo, we have a 60% chance of that one embryo implanting. If we transfer two, we have an 80% chance of at least one sticking. The current twin pregnancy rate with two CCS normal embryos hovers around 40%.

I told him that although we aren’t seeking twins, we are leaning more towards transferring two simply for the increased odds of a pregnancy. If both embryos stick, we’re going to have a temporary freak-out, but we would rather have two children than no children after this FET. Dr. Surrey agreed with our decision and asked me to just tell our nurse if our plans change. We will transfer the 5AA (Embryo #15) and 6AA (Embryo #20). As long as there is at least one heartbeat at that first u/s, we will be absolutely overjoyed.

Then he asked if we had received an FET date. I told him 1/21/11 and he said jokingly, “Okay, I’ll try to be there for that.” I guess even though you may not see your doctor at all during your IVF cycle at CCRM, they do try their best to perform your embryo transfer. If he is there, then great, but if not, then no big deal. Any of the doctors there can handle it, I’m sure!

We discussed the dates of the depot lupron injections and the lead-up to the FET, and with that, our conversation concluded. He seemed very optimistic for us!


8 Responses to “Surprise Call from Dr. Surrey”

  1. R said

    I’m so glad you have a plan in place and your odds are so good. 🙂

  2. mo said

    Yay!!! He sounds so invested in your cycle – what a nice thing to receive a call from him and to have the news be SO GREAT!!


  3. LisainSK said


    PHEW!!! Thanks so much for posting this because Dr. S’s info matches EXACTLY what the genetics counsellor has told us. But then I came across another CCRM blogger where Dr. Sch told them an eSET CCS tested embie has only a 40% pg chance. So a week or so ago I sent out a freaked out email to the genetic counsellor. But I have to put things into perspective…perhaps that blogger has unique circumstances to make him quote her 40%. So yeah, I was kinda doing a double take. But no matter what we’re sticking with an eSET because we are not comfortable with twins. I am glad you don’t have the same level of anxieties I do about it and am so glad we both have excellent chances (me over two transfers if need be). Thanks again.

  4. Jennifer said

    Great to always hear from the doctor! And for whatever reason I had Dr. G for every egg retrieval and every transfer. Although, with my frozen before and this time, I knew what days he was in the office so he and I worked to schedule it that way… 🙂 January will be here before you know it.

  5. Patience said

    What a great surprise! SO glad you had a great conversation with him. I was funny about our FET- I really had to have Dr Sch do it. I don’t know why, but it was important for me. We even changed our FET date by a week to accommodate his schedule.

    Hope the Depot is not treating you too badly. It really wasn’t as bad as I expected. In fact, I felt I had worse side effects from the regular lupron than the Depot!

  6. Wow… To actually get a call from the doc himself!! That is awesome. I don’t think I have ever received a call from the doc without an appt! I am so glad he cleared many of your doubts. And the odds look so good.

  7. Susie said

    That is impressive! Surrey did our retrieval and I really liked how personable he is. I can’t imagine “the other Dr. S.” calling me out of the blue in a million years. I hadn’t heard those twin stats on normal embryos — I guess I’m part of that 40%. This is so exciting. Doesn’t it feel great to have an 80% chance of success at this point? You deserve this so much. I can’t wait for January and February!

  8. LC1 said

    So cool that you got to talk with your Dr!! The success rates are amazing!!! Can’t wait for you to get that BFP in just a few months! It will be here before you know it!!

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