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Depot Lupron, Day 14

Posted by auntiem10 on October 31, 2010

This week, my Depot Lupron side effects seemed milder. Perhaps last week, my body was adjusting to the medication, resulting in some more severe side effects.

* Headaches–Ibuprofen + caffeine has been really effective for the headaches I have experienced this week, but overall they seemed to be much fewer and farther between. Thank goodness!!!

* Breakthrough bleeding–I had some light spotting on Tuesday evening, but that was it. Hopefully last week was just my body getting rid of the last part of my lining, and I’ll see no more spotting/bleeding until after this treatment.

* Hot flashes, Mood, Energy, and Libido–I honestly haven’t noticed anything different yet in any of these categories. It’s still pretty early to be feeling the full effects of the medications, so we’ll see how the next week goes.

Thirteen days stand between me and Depot Lupron injection #2. I already called in the refill, and it will be delivered on 11/10, three days before my second injection on 11/13. So far, so good!


3 Responses to “Depot Lupron, Day 14”

  1. mo said

    glad you’re tolerating the side effects well so far!! These updates are great for others going through Depot to get a sense of your experience with it. hang in there!

  2. Patience said

    Glad to hear it isn’t treating you too bad. I didn’t have much in the way of side effects either. You are almost half way there! 🙂

  3. Happy to hear that the symptoms are settling and that your body is getting used to the med! Only 2 more weeks until #2…Hang in there.

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