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Posted by auntiem10 on November 2, 2010

Sixteen days after my first depot lupron injection, the hot flashes are starting. I am SO glad that fall is here and the temperature outside suddenly dropped. I work in an old, cold building, and at home we are still in that in-between stage of not wanting to turn on the heat, so right now the hot flashes don’t seem too bad!

My first symptom seems to be that my cheeks start to feel flushed. Then I feel a clammy sensation throughout my body, almost like I might break out into a sweat. And after just a few minutes, I’m back to feeling cold. I’m always hot at night because both of our dogs sleep pressed against my legs, and you’d be amazed at how much body heat a 16-lb and 18-lb dog can generate! But the last few nights, my sleep has been interrupted by the feeling that it’s 80 degrees inside my house. I have to physically climb out of bed and soak up some cold air to cool off. The hubby left the space heater on in our room the other night, and he felt my wrath when I woke up sweating. : ) His teeth are going to be chattering soon, I think.

I guess I’ve had this feeling for a couple of days (especially at night) but felt unsure that they were actual hot flashes. I’ve been bundling up at work and at home and had thought that too many layers were the cause of the hot feelings. Then this morning while getting dressed, I felt clammy and hot once again. And when I walked downstairs and glanced at the thermostat, it was 64 degrees in my house. Obviously pretty chilly, but I would have guessed it was 75 degrees in there! : )

Eleven days until depot lupron injection #2. I actually feel lucky that the hot flashes are just now starting, and that (so far at least) the hot flashes are pretty mild. To the women out there who have had to bear the brunt of these side effects, I salute you!


6 Responses to “Combustible”

  1. Pie said

    Yup, those are hot flashes. I would wake up drenched in sweat, and have to get up to walk it off and dry off! And that clammy, damp feeling – oh yes, I remember that too. You’re in it now! Hopefully it won’t get too much worse for you.

  2. Oh… I feel for you. Hopefully these feelings don’t aggravate. Hang in there!

  3. Mo said

    ugh. hang in there with the hot flashes. glad you’re not going through this in the summertime. that was a real b*tch.

  4. LC1 said

    Sorry to hear about the hot flashes. Ughh!

  5. R said

    Sorry about the hot flashes.

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