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Scheduled: Acupuncture Consult

Posted by auntiem10 on November 11, 2010

Yesterday I scheduled my initial consultation for acupuncture. The hubby was initially pretty opposed to it, but he conceded and agreed to respect my wishes. I’ll be going once a week for five or six weeks leading up to our FET (not sure how the holidays will affect my total number of sessions).  My consultation is scheduled for Tuesday, December 7th.

The receptionist seemed to think I would benefit more from twice-weekly sessions, but I told her that I don’t think our budget allows it. With Christmas presents to buy in the near future, our upcoming trip to NY to visit my parents, and the fact that we have to pay for communicables again in January plus travel expenses and the cost of acupuncture before and after our FET, our budget is tight. We have only just begun rebuilding our savings account after paying for our IVF cycle. I asked if only one session per week would still be beneficial, and she said yes, so I’m going to try it out.

It’s funny that after all the injections I’ve administered in my belly, I’m nervous about the needles involved in acupuncture! I really hope that if nothing else, it will help relieve some of my stress leading up to the transfer. And hopefully it will help prepare my uterus to grow a baby!


10 Responses to “Scheduled: Acupuncture Consult”

  1. looknomore said

    Acupuncture needles are very fine needles and dont hurt. they are a bit tender in certain spots but overall its not painful. On a scale of 1-10 where I rate PIO shots at 5/10, i would rate acupuncture a 2/10. All the best. BTW- my acupunturist said that I should not have sessions while I am on the treatment. She suggested I have the sessions before I start the next IVF

  2. Mrs P said

    I love acupuncture. It has been proven to work by increasing your blood flow to your uterus, decreasing side effects of fertility meds, increasing your uterine lining, improving egg quality and quantity, and most of all…decreasing stress. The needles don’t hurt, they are more like a pinch and maybe a light electrical feel if they get the sweet spot. I have many friends who there REs had given up on them and they were able to get pregnant by acupuncture and herbs alone. I, unfortunately, have not and am ready to begin my 6th (and hopefully last) FET cycle. I hope we both get a Christmas miracle.

  3. soulshine said

    don’t worry a bit about the acupuncture needles. they are so, so small, and when placing them, you feel more of a ‘tap’ than a piercing. they barely are attached to you. you may feel more ‘qi’ activity than anything else. if pio shots are a 5 out of 10, for me, the acupuncture needles are a .05 out of 10! but everyone is different- you won’t know until you have it done, but it really is not something to spend any time in fear about. the acupuncture will be so good for you- when you are lying on the table, it is a great time to ‘be in the moment’, knowing you are doing something good for your body.

  4. I was tensed abt the acu needles. I think the reason is that someone else is pushing them in as opposed to me pushing them in. But my fears subsided once a couple of needles went in and I didn’t feel a thing. Hope the sessions go really well for you!

  5. Pie said

    The needles with acu are soooooo much thinner, it is really not even comparable to injection needles. I think you’ll really surprise yourself and like acu! I hope so!

  6. LisainSK said

    Hey Em, you know I’m a big advocate for acupuncture. So the fact that you can go for once per week up until transfer will do loads for you. The needles don’t hurt…but they started to hurt a bit once I started my FET prep hormones. My acupuncturist said that the therapy is assisting with the drug side affects but make my points more sensitive. So I went with that…but it was not really at all painful the times when some of the needles went in. Would last like a second and then I would usually fall asleep on the table!!

  7. LC1 said

    I hope you like acupuncture. I’ve been to about four different acupuncturists…One was a lady from China and when she put her needles in- it hurt and her beds were not very comfortable. But I went to her for a while since she was the “real deal” being from China and all. But overall, I’ve liked the American acupuncturists- much more gentle and able to talk with you (since the chinese one did not speak english well!) and also tend to provide a more comforting bed and nice calming music. I found it very relaxing.
    I just went once a week as well.

    • auntiem10 said

      It’s good to know that you only went once a week! The way the receptionist sounded, I’m not prioritizing my health because I’m refusing to go more than once a week. So I found myself worrying a bit that once/week wasn’t enough, but obviously that is not the case.

  8. Molly said

    I did accu for maybe 6 weeks or something (in Olathe with Dr. Miley)?? I went twice a week just for the first 2 weeks. I had reduced blood flow on the ODWU at CCRM, so Dr. M suggested it. I was a HUGE skeptic. She showed me the medical literature and all that, but I was still sort of embarrassed to admit that I was doing it:) All in all, who knows if it helped, but I do think it was relaxing. The people there were so sweet too, which helped that I looked forward to the whole experience. I was glad that I brought my ipod with some relaxing music. I really looked forward to the forced time to just rest. The needles are so thin that they just wiggle/bend. It was no big deal at all-a little odd at first, but not a big deal. I couldn’t feel most of them at all, but a couple felt maybe like a mosquito pricking me or something minor. She also had me sort of massage the pressure points throughout the week. Hope you like it!

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