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While in Colorado: Rocky Mountain National Park

Posted by auntiem10 on November 16, 2010

On the day before my egg retrieval, the hubby and I drove to Rocky Mountain National Park. Our drive took us through Boulder, home of CU. A football game was scheduled for that day, so the city was busy. As we descended into Boulder, the view was amazing. And driving right past the football stadium was neat too.

Then we drove through Estes Park, a popular skiing town. Oh my gosh, the drive into this city was just breathtaking. Residents of Estes Park are so lucky to live in such a beautiful locale.

We had planned to stop for lunch here, but traffic was SO congested that we just ended up at an extremely busy McDonald’s. It turns out that there was an Elk Festival occurring that day downtown, which was apparently an incredibly popular event. We had planned to drive through downtown on our way toward one of the major Rocky Mountain National Park entrances, but after sitting at a stoplight for over 15 minutes crawling at a snail’s pace, we decided to go another direction.

Let me just say, the drive to the West entrance of the park wasn’t too scary because at least you are driving on a highway, but there are tons of winding curves, and at times there is no guardrail and you are reminded that you are driving on a mountain. Yikes! I was a very nervous passenger and, even though my hubby is a good driver, I insisted on driving us back to Lone Tree. : )

We just followed the directions our GPS was giving, and we really hadn’t done enough research before our trip, so our trek took us to a not-so-scenic area of the park. The official website lists entrance fees of $20 per car, but when we approached the entrance station, a sign indicated that there was no fee that day. I’m not sure why we didn’t have to pay, but I’ll take it!

We entered the park on a VERY narrow gravel road that winded through about four miles of the park. Blind curves were everywhere, and one car approaching the other would have to pull over to let the other car pass.

Eventually we reached a turnaround point and ended up heading back the way we had come. This entrance was not the best–we didn’t get to see any of the more well-known landmarks of the state park, only trees and trail entrances. We climbed down an embankment to take some pictures of a beautiful spring. A sign nearby warned us of black bears in the area–yikes!

After our four-mile trek, we opted not to find another entrance. It was already mid-afternoon, and I didn’t want to drive home on that winding road too late. Plus I was feeling the side effects of a high estradiol level and wasn’t feeling particularly adventurous or energetic.

We felt ultimately that our drive into RMNP was more scenic than our four-mile trek through the actual park.

Next time, we will choose a different (and hopefully more scenic) entrance!


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