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Posted by auntiem10 on November 19, 2010

You know you’re having a hot flash when…
* you feel the urge to rip off your clothing in public…
* you press ice against your face in your 65-degree house for some
   relief from the “heat…”
* a blustery chilly wind on a 38-degree morning feels like a heavenly
   breeze brushing gently across your face…

Does anyone have a block of ice? Because I need to press my body against it, pronto! This is how my insides look currently:

The hot flashes have majorly intensified over the past week. Yuck! Because the weather is cooling off here, I am wearing long-sleeved shirts or light jackets to stay warm. Quite suddenly, my face is set aflame, and an inferno invades my body. I break out into a cold sweat and have the urge to rip off everything I am wearing, and then just as suddenly, the volcano inside me goes dormant again. This is not. fun. at. all.

My saving grace at night is the cold wall against which our bed is positioned. When I wake up sweating frequently throughout the night, I throw all blankets aside, scoot my dogs away from my legs, and press my hand/wrist/arm against the cold wall. This thankfully helps cool me off a bit.

Just three more weeks of this, and then I get to start BCPs. I cannot wait!


6 Responses to “INFERNO”

  1. Pie said

    Oh honey, I know that heat. Start counting down to the BCP, those little magic pills will be your saviour. It is amazing how fast they can ease the heat. And I will say that while I used to be a “cold” person, always needing a sweater, but since the DL and getting pregnant, I have become a “hot” person, like the 39 degree high yesterday felt GREAT. So I hope you will be hot for the next 11-ish months!

  2. LisainSK said

    Oh dear Em…this sounds horrible! Sure hope the side affects are alleviated and soon. My acupuncturist swears by her treatments that they help alleviate the hormone medication side affects. I know you are starting soon…maybe think about starting a little sooner if it becomes unbearable? Acupuncture apparently is very effective for menopausal women.

  3. Patience said

    I am so sorry that the hot flashes are so intense. I was known to take an ice pack to bed! I did the depot in the summer, so I wonder if that is why I don’t seem to remember them being as bad. The regular lupron last January was a nightmare, though. You are well on your way. You’ll be on BCPs in no time!

  4. LC1 said

    Three more weeks!! You’re almost there!

  5. Yikes those are intense! Sorry it sucks but every day you endure gets your uterus more ready for your embryos! I know it’s tough but you can do it!

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