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Choosing PIO Over Endometrin

Posted by auntiem10 on December 7, 2010

When you receive your FET calendar at CCRM, the typical schedule lists Endometrin (a suppository) as the main source of progesterone. Apparently most patients prefer to insert these yucky things three times per day instead of injecting Progesterone in Oil (PIO) once per day. At my former clinic, the RE instructed most IVF patients to use PIO instead of suppositories, on the basis that it supposedly does a better job of supporting life inside the uterus.

My original FET calendar included instructions for Endometrin, but I decided early on that I wanted to use PIO as my primary source of progesterone. It wouldn’t have bothered me too much to insert the morning and nighttime suppositories, but I didn’t know how I would find time during my busy work day to lie flat for 20 minutes. I find suppositories to be messy and yucky and just generally a bigger pain in the rear than a once-daily injection.

Plus, I’ve seen plenty of scary bleeding and low hormone level stories resulting from using Endometrin. The suppositories aren’t reflected in bloodwork as definitively as PIO, so your levels may look lower than they really are. And they can irritate the cervix, causing spotting/bleeding. No thanks.

Add to this the fact that PIO is much less expensive through my insurance plan than Endometrin, and you have a pretty easy decision made. So yesterday, my wonderful IVF nurse sent me a new calendar with the instructions for daily PIO injections, so I’m posting it below. No dates have changed or anything, only the instructions relating to Endometrin and PIO. I still have to insert one Endometrin at nighttime as a supplement to the injection, but my main source of progesterone will be through the huge PIO needle. And my lucky DH gets to continue refining his injection administration into next year. : )


5 Responses to “Choosing PIO Over Endometrin”

  1. A.E. said

    Your nutcase friend did both simultaneously.
    I did the expensive, messy endometrin 3x per day and then added PIO to them because my numbers were low.
    We did both of them for about eight weeks (my idea, not RE’s).
    After that experience, I can say with certainty that physically the shots are so much easier.
    You, once again, made a great decision. : )

  2. LisainSK said

    When I was forced to use PIO I thought “Oh NO!!”. But the needles are a piece of cake. And cheaper than these stupid suppositories. Plus the yuck…ick. I really hope tomorrow I can wean off of them.

  3. Pie said

    Couldn’t agree more – although I was originally on the suppositories 3xday and PIO. After the bleeding episode at 7wks, goodbye suppositories. Upped the PIO and stayed on that thru 11 weeks.

    Hated the suppositories, so gross. And seriously, I do think PIO is considered the “gold standard” and a more effective form of supplemental progesterone, but since suppositories are less scary (??) they offer them to patients. After everything we’ve been through to get to that point, what’s another shot?

    Good choice!!

  4. CJ said

    Great choice! I, too, went with PIO. My husband always administered it until last week when he was out of town for work. I stared down the needle but after icing the area for 10 mins, I could not even feel the shot and am able to do them on my own. They are less messy and more accurately reflected in blood levels. Plus, once a day is a great bonus too 🙂 Good luck!

  5. […] to transfer only one embryo, chose PIO over Endometrin as main source of progesterone and received third FET calendar, had a disaster of an acupuncture appointment, received fourth FET calendar, picked up FET […]

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